The Age of Live Blogging


Charlie Chaplin in a Hitler movie said that the sole existence of technology proves the nature of human beings as one yearning to bring one another closer. The technology that is prevailing today is not only indicating that we are getting closer via news, but is proving that we prefer methods of communication in an instantaneous and straight forth manner.

We have relied on news to communicate information around the world. News started off with a platform in newspapers, then expanded to television, then to the internet through online articles, and now it is on a new expansive level like never before through live blogging. The article states that live blogs are getting three hundred percent more readers than conventional online articles. With statistics like these, every news company is hopping on board with live blogging. They work especially well with the coverage of events that rely on constant statistical updates, such as the US Presidential Election and sport events.

One of the reasons that readers are preferring live blogs is because they believe that live blogs are more objective. Perhaps this is because of the concise trait of live blogs. It has the appearance of a short message, long enough only to convey the news, rather than a long dolled up article containing biases or political agendas. Another reason why they prefer live blogs is because they can easily follow along on a story as it unfolds. Now people are constantly getting updated with their news while they are at work and are able to do so because of the “bite-size pieces of information”.


On top of just reading, people are participating in conversations through commenting on these blogs. The article refers to this as the “Twitter element”. Live bloggers are three times more likely to include reader’s tweets rather than the comments added under the blogs.

There is a downside to live blogging. With the constant updates from live bloggers, thorough factual verification is difficult. The Thurman-Walters research studied how live bloggers work and they realized that they work at a frantic pace. It is not unusual for them to publish updates “every 20 minutes for six hours straight”, and that in this frenzy “there is little time for fact-checking”. Paul Lewis, a reporter for Guardian states that sitting in front of a computer is of less value than being on the spot.

Though live blogging may not be as thorough as other forms of news, it is the fastest growing source of news and it is turning out to be the preferred form of news by the population. Technology has demonstrated that human nature is one yearning to get closer to one another, and live blogging is allowing it to happen in a faster and more interactive way.



  1. I agree with a lot of what you said about live blogging and especially how it is mostly objective. I know for the latest Apple releases i’m normally in class but if I’m on my computer i’ll jump on a live blog to see what is being unveiled. A lot of the time it’s just objective information about the products, just the facts. There isn’t much time to change the information or warp it so they just give it to you straight and that’s what I like about live blogs.

    1. I thought it was interesting when you said that live blogs are more objective simply because it is concise and conveys a piece of information in few words. I have to disagree. First of all, live blogs are often accompanied by discussion and analysis of news pieces, which are inevitably bias. Second, anything written by another has an inherent objectivity and bias.

  2. I like that you used twitter as an example of live blogging! This is definitely one of the most popular to date. I love twitter mainly for the reason, like you said, that I am able to follow stories, with short blurbs explaining it. Its easy to understand and find out! Great response!

  3. I like how you put it terms of technology advancing. I think live blogging is a great example of new and upcoming tech and media, and I think it’s great you recognized that. You did a great job of covering the article as a whole also! Well done!

  4. Insightful response. Although, I have to disagree with what you said about live blogs being more objective and unbiased. I actually think that live blogging is more biased because it’s one person’s perspective on something, and they are feeding the info right when it is happening. I do like using live blogging. Like you said, it gives bite-sized info as the event unfolds, which I think is less overwhelming than a block of words.

  5. I agree that for the most part live blogging can be unbiased and they tend to be more objective then entire articles. However, much live blogging, in entertainment especially, can be very biased if the person is responding emotionally to something. Obviously, like anything technology-related, there are going to be two sides to everything. I think live blogging has the *potential* to be unbiased and objective but depending on what people are live blogging, it is more than likely not.

  6. Great job with your analysis of the article. I really like how you added in the quote, which is so spot on! It’s hard not to consume news via some type of live blogging these days. I often get my own news from Twitter or Facebook and sometimes even Instagram.

  7. At the beginning of your article, you wrote how people nowadays want their news faster and more straightforward. I agree with what you said. There are so many different outlets people can get news from, but they would rather get the news as soon as it happens. However, as you said with live blogging, the downside to that is how difficult it is to fact check. I liked how you used Twitter to talk about live blogging too, since we all have dealt with Twitter in one way or another.

  8. I love the idea of technology advancing throughout time. I believe that new types of media which include blogging is a perfect example that pertains to this class. Nicely done.

  9. I also think live blogging is largely subjective- I really enjoyed this response. I agree with Kim, though. I think that live blogs are very biased because it contains their own thoughts, etc.

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