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Anonymous blogging


Whether a blogger remains anonymous or not does not affect my status as a reader. I browsed the Internet from article to article and I loved some of them, one thing I noticed was that I never really looked at the author. I believe that blogging is not the same as news. The news is credited to stating facts and getting the details down right to the masses, while blogs are a more personal outlet. I see blogs as more opinionated rather than a source of information I can truly believe in. Thus when I read a blog I am doing it for the enjoyment of someone else’s thoughts and ideas. I try to whole heartedly read their posts unbiased by authorship and status. It comes down to the content, whether it is good or not is the only thing that matters to me.

Furthermore, as an online content creator I can see why some people would choose to remain anonymous. Creating enjoyable content online can lead to a successful career with adoring fans, and sometimes not everyone wants that. Not everyone wants to be swarmed by a group of fans when they are out doing laundry, eating breakfast, or just doing daily activities. Staying anonymous is a form of protection for the creator.

In regards to authenticity from a reader’s perspective, it is a reader’s choice to come to a certain blog. There is no obligation for a blogger to report facts and figures. A blogger’s content can be anything they want as long as it is good content that is engaging and sparks my interest I will read it regardless of anonymity.

Blogging Networks

I would join a blogging network because of all the new opportunities and people I would meet. Being part of a community that helps one another grow is the best way for a startup blogger to gain exposure and knowledge, whereas if you are riding solo, you would have to experience everything the hard way: learning by trial and error. Trial and error can be time and finically consuming.

I will say however that blogging networks are only as good as the people you have in it. I say this because a blogging network is a community  and if the community is made up of negative, trollish individuals that is the culture you will be joining.

The type of blogging network I see myself joining is a network of vloggers. A place where individuals mesh blogging and vlogging into one. Where not only can you read about what is going on but also watch what is going on. We would collaborate with one another to share new viewers and help each other gain exposure. Furthermore we would give one another tips on how to edit, or what was not appropriate before the content is sent out, sort of a rough draft phase.

Monetizing My Blog

Displaying ads on blogs is always a difficult task because as a content creator you do not want to lose followers, but at the same time it is how some bloggers make a living. In my opinion the ads that are most effective are ones that do not distract or interrupt a readers attention. Thus i believe affiliate and donation ads are he best way to go. Affiliate ads will  help promote a product or idea a blogger has that a reader can support or try out. At the same time the blogger can benefit a small percentage from the purchases. Also donations are a very easy way for bloggers to make income, twitch tv is a prime example of how much income a user can generate. In addition donations are based on how much the readers enjoy your work and it shows how loyal your readers are because they are willing to take the extra step in supporting. Another form of income can be ebooks, this form can be attractive because of the exclusivity. A blogger can release work to his or her readers that can only be purchase through ebooks. While this form can generate income for bloggers it is heavily based on your readers and how much they like your work.

Live Blogging

Live blogging is fast and simple, it gets the information to you while the event is unfolding. Live Blogging can have a huge impact on a persons attention. Award shows, tv shows, basketball games, football games, all of these are always a hot topic. You see it on tweeter, when they start to trend and everyone is live tweeting, this is similiar to live blogging. When this happens people can connect and share their opinions with others. Live blogging gives readers a real time source of information that they would not normally get until after the event.

Live blogging can change my perception because it is more “real”. More “real” in the sense that writers or editors cannot take the time to edit or manipulate the information. For example if a celebrity I follow who i deem as a role model and responsible goes out on a night of drinking and then drives and hits a car and it was live blogged I would be able to immediately read what is going on without. Whereas if the event happened 3 hours ago all that time in between can be utilized by the celebrities public relations team to make up another story to make him seem not so much as the criminal.

On the other hand live blogging is also very dangerous. Live information is so fast that it might be wrong, people can send information based on opinion and misinterpret it as facts. This can potentially lead to lost of credibility and readers. This can also give your blog a bad reputation, which is the ultimate downfall in social media; no one wants to be seen as the enemy.

6th Annotated bib

Hess, Amanda. “Is Twitter Fair Game For Journalist?” 19 March. 2014.<>


In class we talked about journalism and blogging, this article is similar to that discussion. In sense that reporting anything online can be news, whether it is through a blog or a news site the voices and text are heard and seen by anyone who has internet access. The article talks about how christine fox found a article about sexual harassment and tweeted the story out on twitter. She said, ” I wonder what she had on to entice him”, this statement cause a huge controversy, it went viral with hate comments. This shows us that our opinions, and what we put online can effect others whether it is true or not. Anything that we put on the internet is public for everyone to see, someone can quote what you said in a news article and it can cause a huge problem. We have t regulate what we want to say or else it can lead to many issues.

What Is Social Media?

Social media are  places where individuals can freely curate content that they have interest in. Social media content can be many things, it can be as broad as fashion to as specific as the creator’s daily life. Furthermore, social media can be used for many purposes; it can be used for personal use as a hobby, to stay update to, or it can be used to inform others on a topic they have expertise in. It can also be used to voice one’s opinions on a topic.Blogs are interrelated with social media because they both serve a purpose of interacting. Blogs can be seen as a more public personal journal if desired. Creators can get information out that attracts the right people, anyone can see it can if they are interested they can subscribe or follow and spread the world. A blog can go viral like anything in social media, but it is hard to say when and how, the important thing is it has the potential to be. Blogs can also become a source of revenue for some people, blogging is becoming more and more popular. In today’s world everyone is online looking for content, a blog is unique because it can be opinionated, it does not have the restrictions of hard facts although some may have hard facts, but a blog goes a step further to voice their own opinions. Blogs can used to connect viewers, it gives readers a sense of connection and realness that a news site or report can not.


A Gold Mine Of Tips: A Beautiful Mess

Photo From:

Photo From:

Blogging can be a career when done right, often times we see people on blogs just reblogging posts and do not know how to curate our own content. On occasion we see people who try to do it right but fail because of their lack of knowledge and expertise. A Beautiful Mess gives us insight on six ways bloggers can improve their work. In their , “Tips For Laying Out Blog Posts” and “10 Blog Layout Tips” , they talk about how to attract viewers attentions through the aesthetics of one’s layout. Their first tip emphasized the use of cover photos, this instantly attracts viewers attention to a large picture. The next tip is captioning, this is a way to give the reader a brief summary of what the article is about. Next they talk about collages, this is important because collages help with loading time. Have you ever been to a site where there are just too many pictures on one page, and it loads super slow, it is because of all the pictures. With collages it takes all the photos and mashes them into one photo so instead of loading five individual pictures the site just has one to load. Tip 4 is the photo layout, when used correctly users will know which post is a weekly special or which post is “hot”. Next is tip 5, clip art is used to bedazzle a photo, this gives the photo a certain attractive feature rather than having the plain and simple one. The last tip in “Tips For Laying Out Blog Posts” is fonts. Fonts can be creative and unique, they give your post a different feel, also you can make a certain word or phrase stand out by utilizing different fonts.

Similarly, “10 Blog Layout Tips” also gives you insight on how to better manage and optimize your blogs visual appeal. This posts goes more in depth then the other one which talks about blog Posts, but they are still somewhat similar in concept yet they provide two different outcomes. Blog layout tips is the visual appeal of the whole blog together. This combines everything from spacing, pictures, links, information, posts, and alignment, to give the viewer a fluent and pleasing experience when browsing one’s blog.

Here are pictures of what a blog looks like before using the tips and after using them.

Photo From :

Photo From :

Photo From :

Photo From : 

You can see the big impact of what those tips have on the blog. One looks very cluttered, it has too much going on, while the other one looks more sophisticated and professional. Note the difference in the side bar also, the links are not grabbing the attention away from the posts in the after picture. Also the background is another big  improvement, in the before picture the background is cutoff and you see that the pink background is cutoff displaying the plain gray background. In the after photo everything is nicely bordered, spaced out, and the background is consistent.

These tips are goldmines to a beginning blog such as myself. Furthermore not only can these tips be used on blogs and posts, they can also be applied to anything visual.

Nude Media- How To Cover Up

Being a creator it is frustrating to not get credited for your work. In Kenneth Goldsmith’s, Uncreative writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age, describes the process of how media is stripped down. Being a creator your content is posted by you, but when someone copies and saves your work it is hard to maintain your credit. When new users post or repost your work the source is blurred every time. “Think of it as an ever-evolving game of telephone,” which is precisely the right idea; in the game of telephone someone passes a message to another person and as the message is passed out it becomes more and more skewered every time. Thus, it can be frustrating to content creators to have their work “stolen” or misguided, this creates lack of traffic and exposure for a creator.

This is important because one of the most important things when starting out is getting exposure for your work. Furthermore, the reading talks about the content of your work; when creating content for blog it is important to note the font style one is using. There are two styles of font described, sans seif, and seif, this is important to note because you can group almost any font into these two style. Also often times blogs can only support a certain font, for example certain blogs only accept times new roman and any other font would come up as distorted or met with  error.

Aside from misguided use of content there are certain features and websites that promote correct forms of sharing. Creative commons is a great site that promotes the right use of content and data for everyone. They provide a great user friendly system that anyone can understand.

creative-commons2For those of you who do not know about Creative Commons; they are a site that has royalty free content. They provide anything from images to music to data. They also have a great guiding system that allows users to understand what the content can be used for. They have five easy to know symbols that lets a reader know which type of licenses that content can be used for.
On the left you can see a representation of each symbol and what they mean.

It is important as a user and creator to know about Creative Commons because it fights what “Nude Media” depicts as a problem. Often times users do not know where or how to find content that is useable because, lets face it there is just too much content to browse through. So we just copy and paste because it is easier than combing through millions of sites, but with Creative Commons it makes it easy to user and easy to give credit to because it is all in one place for the user.

With sites like Creative Commons, creators and users can rest easy and not have to worry about their work going to waste. Also for users, they do not have to worry about legal problems with copyright issues and such.

Free To Use Content: Creative Commons

With millions and millions of content being shared every second everyday it is hard to regulate all the misuse of content. You have people not being credited for their work, and this can lead to problems on both ends of the spectrum. There are two perspectives, the user and the creator, each one with something to lose. I know that it is hard to find content that is of quality and suitable for your purposes but taking work that is not yours or not properly attributing work to it’s rightful creator can lead you into legal problems. In extreme cases you might see yourself with a lawsuit and having to pay a hefty fine, although your chances of encountering this case is small it can still happen. So you ask yourself, what can I do? Well the internet is a vast place for all types of content, creative commons is a type content that can be used along with some minor rules. These type of content are generated by users who allow people to either use their work for commercial purposes, as long as you attribute work properly to them.

This helps out bloggers or users because it gives them a open source of content that they can choose from. Bloggers do not have to comb the internet for images from google to see which one is copyright free. This allow users to come to a place where they do not have to worry about copyright issues and it also saves them time. All the content they need are in one place. Furthermore the rules and regulations for creative common content is easy to understand, it is very user friendly.

As a creator of content, you would want to make a profit or living off of your work. So you might think , well why would want my stuff to be free for people to use? Well if you are starting up any kind of exposure is good. By putting your content under the creative commons rules and regulations it will help you gain more exposure. By having artists and creators listing you or shouting you out in their content you will have a flow of traffic and exposure thanks to them. It is a win-win for both the creator and user. Furthermore, creative commons has many security standards set in place that is very user-friendly, meaning you can set your standards for your content at what ever level you want and users would be able to understand it. This allows you the creator the freedom to allow how much of your content is shareable.

Also with creative commons, there is a setting where you can allow other people to build on top of your work. This will allow growth in your project along with others contributions. You might have missed something or could have done something better, by sharing it other people can take your work and correct it or make it better. Creative commons is a great way for users and creators to come together.

Sites Curating SneakerCulture

SneakerNews (  is a blog that gives you the news on sneaker releases and details of the sneaker. It is a site that allows anyone to  be up to date on the newest sneakers, and gives you the heads up on when to start saving and planing.

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 11.45.17 AMThe above the fold on this blog is very well organized, it has the links at the top above the banner, and it has everything you need right there without any extra scrolling. Also under each header links there is sub categories that allow users to pick their preference, which allow ease of navigation.

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 11.45.06 AM

Furthermore, on the side of the blog there are additional links to relevant information that any sneakerhead would want such as the history behind Air Jordans, and an Nike SB archive. Also included on the side are the social media platforms that users can follow and engage with other followers and admins with. This will further allow users to get information daily.

SneakerFreaker ( is also another site that allow users to gain the most up to date news on releases and what is going on in the sneaker community.

The difference is that SneakerFreaker throws in a few opinionated posts that will stir conversation. Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 11.52.09 AM

Among these posts their are sneaker releases, and three other posts that generate conversation; 10 signature sneakers that didn’t take off, 10 of the most stupidly expensive sneakers ever, and 16 million?.

SneakerFreaker does a good job generating users to engage with controversial  topics like those.

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 11.55.26 AMSneakerFreaker’s above the fold gives you a link and a photo preview with a headline that attracts you to each post. They also have a link to their shop online where users can purchase new merchandise.

Also the social media platform is right at the top of the page, Facebook, Twitter, this will tell their viewers the importance of the social media platforms, and which ones are consistently updated frequently. The content is fairy intriguing, by diving into other forms of the sneakerculture, the readers are able to gain a mass understanding on what it is that creates the culture.

Hypebeast(  is another website that creates content for sneakerheads. This site is very sophisticated, it tailor to the more trendy and upscale sneakerheads or just any individual who is high on fashion. Much like the name “hypebeast” it’s contents are up to date with the trendiest of items, from shoes to clothing, to cars

Screen shot 2014-02-16 at 9.18.34 PM Hypebeat’s above the fold is fairly plain, it has a big picture for it’s newest products and search by at the top. This area of the site can use a little more work but if it is going for the “plain and simple” look then it has it down.

Screen shot 2014-02-16 at 9.24.07 PMAside from the above the fold section, when you scroll down you will see the various types of content hypebeast has to offer. This website is very popular because it is not limited, but it is a huge source for all sneakerheads to stay up to date on different content.