Live Blogging

I think that live blogging can be influential but it depends on what the topic is and it depends on how live blogging is being utilized. Music was used for the example; if someone was live blogging a concert or performance I wanted to go to, it would be their real life experience and it would be informative to me. If the atmosphere wasn’t fun or if the fans are rude and obnoxious, I would be able to know what someone live blogging about that. Likewise, if the artist wasn’t performing right or if they weren’t a good singer live, I would know. I think this is a pretty good summation of live blogging’s pros. The main point of live blogging is to show what is happening through your reactions. Live blogging at its core is informative. It may be colored with emotions or bias of a person but for the most part, you can somewhat tell what is going on. I think that live blogging something has the potential to change a perception but for the most part, it’s not really going to do anything. A smaller benefit would be that other people who are watching the same thing as you could point out something that you may have never seen otherwise. Many things from different events or movies have been pointed out in a live blog that, looking back, I wouldn’t have taken notice of.

As for the cons of live blogging, I think that spoilers is the main thing. If someone is a live blogging a show that you haven’t gotten the chance to watch or even if your tv is a few seconds slower than theirs, you’re going to get surprises ruined. The same can be said for the previous example used; if an artist has a surprise ending for their concert and someone is live blogging that experience, you’re going to go to the concert expecting it and it’s going to lose its effect. On the other hand, if someone live blogs about that surprise ending and then it’s not there for the concert that you attend, it may leave you feeling disappointed and cheated. I personally find that I can’t go on Tumblr at all if I plan on watching something later than its airing date. I’ve gotten spoilers for the Grammy’s, episodes of shows that have been out for about 2 days, the Presidential debate, etc. A very real and more serious con of live blogging is the potential to give information to the wrong people. In the event of a school shooting, if the school is on lockdown and there are people outside watching the police activity and live blogging the event, the shooter inside (who would most likely have internet access) could potentially look up the event and see where police are to avoid immediate confrontation. They could plan a getaway or a strategic shootout. More often than not, school shootings tend to be led by people who don’t actually care what happens to them. If they know that the police are in a certain area, they may just avoid the area and continue with their actions elsewhere (obviously this depends on the school). Regardless of what is decided, it’s never a good thing to alert the enemy of the positions that the police have taken or their activities.

Three blogs to look at

Three blogs I really like are Spoiler Tv, Buzzfeed and Thats What She Read. Spoiler TV provides spoilers for popular TV shows and networks as well as up-to-date news on movies and celebrities. Buzzfeed is a general blog but you can follow specific parts of it such as the Entertainment blog or the Celebrity blog. Thats What She Read is a personal blog where a girl discusses what she read and what she likes and recommends, etc.

Spoiler TV is my favorite blog so far. I think it’s really useful and it will aid my blog tremendously. However, I don’t really like it personally for the kind of blog that I would want. Spoiler TV will be a good resource but I wouldn’t necessarily want to emulate it. In my previous post, I mentioned that it looks cluttered despite it being organized. Unfortunately, the cluttered, busy look it has can be a turnoff. I wouldn’t want my blog to look like Spoiler TV because it just seems like there’s a lot going on. And that’s fine for the kind of blog that it is but I know that it wouldn’t work with the kind of blog that I want. Another problem is that though they are very informative on their subject, they lack emotion and opinion. Things regarding opinion tend to be polls so Spoiler TV isn’t really something I would read to be primarily entertained. Overall, while Spoiler TV is a good counterpart/resource to my blog, it isn’t really the direction that I am trying to take with Rated E.

Buzzfeed is more like Spoiler TV in that it updates objectively. It differs however, in that it updates on what is important or already relevant. It is biased because it is concerned with pop culture. Spoiler TV updates on a schedule about the shows that are airing- they can’t change a week and only blog about Elementary or Game of Thrones. They have to maintain every show. Buzzfeed does not necessarily have to follow this formula. They have a “What’s Hot” page and a “lol” page as well as a “wtf” page which all reflects how concerned with popular culture they are. The posts are a bit more opinionated and personal but even that is skewed to reflect assumed “popular” thought.

Thats What She Read is really the kind of blog I’m aiming for; it’s a simple blog and it doesn’t boast anything. It’s simply her and her honest opinions and reactions on a subject that matters to her. I am going to attempt to do the same. I’m really going to try to be honest (even if it’s negative) about the shows and movies I’m watching and the writing that goes into both. Her layout is very simple and very reflective of a personal blog unlike Buzzfeed and Spoiler Tv. It’s a more personal feel which is what I’m going for. I really like her overall layout and her voice. However, she tends to talk about her personal life a lot. I understand it’s a personal blog but her name and her About page don’t really reflect it accurately; I expected it to be nothing but book reviews but instead, she occasionally writes about her family and what’s going on in her life.

Spoiler TV

I chose to follow Spoiler TV because in my personal blog, I decided to liveblog and review different TV shows and movies. I’m not particularly obsessed with TV and I’ve gone completely without it many times. But as I get older, I find that I like watching TV a lot more than I used to or rather, I like watching shows to see how their story and plot will carry out. I pay more attention to the writing that goes into a show; the consistency, the character development, etc. I also notice scene set-ups more and music placement. Recently, I’ve become very interested in what goes into making a TV show and I’ve come to appreciate them a lot more.  Spoiler TV is perfect and will most likely be very useful for my blog; in their info, they state that they bring a “comprehensive spoiler service.”

Their above the fold is impressive and caught my attention right away. Their logo is a banner in which I recognized about ten actors and actresses from popular shows right off the bat and their name is imposed on top in bright blue so that there’s no missing it. Instantly, I knew this website was going to be LEGIT. Above their logo are all the navigation links. Their start tab displays their main features- links to twitters, an episode database (!!!), an image gallery, a highlight of what’s hot, and a highlight of what’s on tonight as well as announcements, a calendar of premiere dates, and a ratings chart. The other tabs separate all their shows into different categories (by networks, cable, or miscellaneous.) I explored Teen Wolf’s link to see how everything is set up. Anything tagged with a show’s title will come up and they post about a lot so some shows overlap on individual posts. I think that’s a good aspect of this website; they keep their posts interesting and more people can be involved. They have fun posts like “best scene of the week,” polls and interviews with actors and actresses but they also have informative posts where they show sneak peaks and they write complete recaps of episodes which is PERFECTION. They even have a link for movies where they post trailers, news about upcoming movies, etc. They also have a Pilot Watch where they update on prospective shows. They have a spreadsheet where they list the pilot’s title and what the show will be about.

At first glance, the blog seems a bit cluttered but that’s only because there’s so many shows they have to keep track of. It’s actually very organized and it’s easily navigated which I appreciate as I hate confusing websites. Their footer is easily recognized and simple and it displays their contact, feedback, and help links clearly. Their tagging system and all their links are very simple and to the point and nothing is too complicated. Basically, I love this blog and I’ll most likely continue to follow it actively after this class. I’m a sucker for organization and I geeked out a little (a lot) at the episode database as well as the complete recaps of episodes. I think this is the perfect website for someone like me in general as I tend to review everything I see in an episode and this just makes everything a lot easier, especially now that I’ve started a blog about TV and movies.

I honestly think anyone would enjoy it so here’s a link!