Blogging Network

I think if I had the option to join a blogging network of sorts, I would definitely do it. I think having more than one person involved makes the content better because collaboration can be a good thing. Not only does it mean more eyes to improve posts, but many good ideas can be hatched in a group setting that may not be thought of individually. As the article mentioned, having a blogging network would also increase traffic to all the blogs involved by linking. Having parters also means more motivation to write. Of course if this was my career then I would have plenty motivation, but if I was writing a blog on the side then it might be challenging to keep up without a little push. Not to mention that I would want to keep up with the other bloggers and publish content as good or better.

I feel like my blog’s topic is easy to incorporate into a network because there are so many genres of books out there and even more niche groups that like very specific types of books. I’d probably stick to general fiction/literature because I’m not married to any particular genre, but given the popularity of young adult fiction, romance, mysteries, and thrillers, I don’t think I’d be able to adequately cover all the bases on my own. Having people dedicated to specific genres would also lead to better posts. Someone who absolutely loves, say, modern romance would probably have a more comprehensive review than someone who isn’t really up to date it.

As I mentioned earlier, having a group of bloggers could be beneficial because the group can motivate, improve on each other’s writing, and provide inspiration and ideas. This can be achieved through workshopping or simply feeling the desire to compete with each other.

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