Social Media

The question of “what is social media”  at the surface seems to be fairly easy, but when being put to the test to give a straight answer it comes to show that social media is difficult to explain.  Techinically, social media are websites where people are able to interact, share pictures, and post statuses that they want but there are many different components of social media.  Social media is utilized for many different things whether its professionally, academically, politically, socially, and the list continues.  Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn were all created for the sole purpose of interaction between users but they are all used very different depending on the individual.  LinkedIn, in particular, is used for professionals in order to share their experience and expertise in their field with other professionals and, even in some cases, employers.  A blog can definitely be considered a type of social media.  Within blogs, users are able to share their ideas and opinions with their readers and in many cases have back and forth conversations through comments.  Unlike social media, blogging is infinite when it comes to how many characters a post can have therefore providing a wider, more open space for users to share whatever it is they have to say.

Blogging Network

If I were given the option, I would definitely consider joining a blogging network.  Blogging networks are excellent because each blogger somewhat feeds off each other are able to collaborate.  They are able to share ideas or critiques with each other and develop a closer relationship. Blogging networks also offer a lot more traffic for any new bloggers who decide join them because readers may be attracted to the network by a more experienced blogger and somehow stumble upon a new bloggers post. If I were to join a blogging network it would most likely be a lifestyle blogging network like POPSUGAR. Lifestyle blogging gives a wider range of topics to cover and a blogger can touch on all of them at some point.

Replay Web


22-BITS-popupIn her article, Jenna Wortham discusses the phenomenon of  “replay web”.  There is no set definition of replay Web, but Wortham describes it as the manner in which the internet is able to replay events/moments that have occurred at different times and with different significance and sometimes even with commentary. Replay Web allows people to relive moments and share their opinions and commentary with everyone else.  Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook along with blog sites such as Tumblr are the perfect go-to example when speaking about replay Web.  Whenever a big story breaks, you can definitely expect it to be covered on every one of those sites with different opinions and meanings to each user.

Throughout Twitter and Tumblr you will immediately find witty tweets, pictures, and memes of any big event that has occurred despite the time period it happened. A huge favorite of the replay Web has to be everyone’s obsession with the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an Oscar. You can immediately find witty memes and commentary from people throughout the country and perhaps all over the world giving their input and poking fun at the significant amount of years in which DiCaprio has been nominated, but has never won. Another perfect example of replay Web is the social app called “Vine”. Vine has been around for almost a year and a half now and is still keeping up with the success amount that Instagram and Twitter has kept.  Within the Vine app users are able to record short six second looping videos onto their Vine account and connect their account with any other social network sites in order to allow more people to see it. Vine allows users to share any skits they have created, tricks, or anything else that comes to mind at any given moment with other people.  These social networks have been vital to the installment and creation of replay Web in society.  They give ease to being able to access prior events whether its social, political, personal, and etc.

Wortham continues to explaining how this phenomenon defines the direction in which society is headed in regards to digital media.  She says that our obsession with staying up to date with social media.  As a college student, it is extremely apparent to me that we are all glued to our cell phones and laptops.  The majority of students keep up to date with blogs, social media, and digital prints of magazines/newspapers in order to keep our daily lives moving along while still being in touch with whats going on and what everyone thinks about the big event that happened.  Many people enjoy reading op-ed pieces written by others and being able to agree or disagree with them through comments.  As Wortham stated in her article, “Perhaps the replay Web, by allowing us to constantly revisit and reconsider the recent past, can help us find new meaning in it. While we change its contours with new interpretations, visual signatures and instant analysis, there is always a new present to step into” by commenting and sharing our thoughts and ideas about virtually everything through the web we are constantly creating new ideas or adding onto already existing ideas.

In conclusion, it is really clear that replay Web is an interesting phenomenon that is utilized by people in order to spread their ideas and opinions with others about social, political, and worldwide events.

Critique of RU Admissions Blog

The RU Admissions blog has to be one of the best places for prospective Rutgers students to read blog posts about campus life, New Brunswick, academics, and Rutgers in general all written by Rutgers University students.  This blog allows people to get a little sense of what it feels like to be a Rutgers student by exposing the good and the bad that each individual RU student experiences in their time at the university.  Rutgers University is extremely big and it is comforting for prospective students, as I was just a year ago, to be able to see the distinct aspects of life at Rutgers. The RU admissions blog provides an insider look to many different parts of what being a Rutgers University student actually is. The layout of the RU Admissions blog is fitting to what the content is about.  It is not extremely overwhelming or overdone, in fact it is simple and easy to navigate. One of the biggest unneeded distractions on the blog happens to be the Tag Cloud.  The tag cloud is filled with a million different, sometimes unneeded, words that may take away or frustrate people who are visiting the site. Also, the tag cloud drags down the page and messes with the layout creating a bunch of empty space since only five posts are seen in every page.  The tag cloud should be organized in a better way and only necessary words that would help a reader easily navigate to what they’re looking for when visiting the blog.  A great part of the blog also happens to be the archive. The archive is done simply and categorized by topic which is really helpful for people who visit the blog and are looking for posts about a specific topic.  Personally, I think this topic section should be incorporated within the homepage of the blog somewhere on the side before the tag cloud.  If the tag cloud is minimized to only contain important tagged words, then then specific topic section would fit perfectly within the layout chosen for the blog.  By having the topic section on the homepage, it would create an easier method for readers to navigate the blog. Also, i’m not 100% sure if this is only on my computer, but when clicking on a post it takes a while to load the entire layout. In all, the Rutgers admission blog is very useful for any prospective Rutgers students and the entire idea behind the blog and the individuals experience at Rutgers will definitely grab the attention of high school seniors/transfer students and let the see what Rutgers is really about through the eyes of past/current RU students.

Critical Analysis of Blogging in PR

Kent, Michael L. “Critical Analysis of Blogging in Public Relations.” University of Oklahoma. Science Direc, n.d. Web. 07 Mar. 2014. <;.

This article analyzes the functions of a blog and its positive/negative effects in the world of public relations.  It also analyzes how PR firms can utilize blogs in order to help their company grow and expand. It gives me useful information and helpful quotes to back up my thesis.  Also, since it is a well analyzed paper that means it will assist to the credibility of my thesis.  I will use this article in order to further explain how blogs assist PR firms in expanding their follower base and creating a better image for themselves and for their clients


Annotated Bib #1!w11Bd


This article that I found on explains the growing effects that fashion bloggers have within the industry.  It explains that fashion blogging has moved beyond being a hobby, but has turned into a business for many passionate bloggers.  Companies PR teams are creating a closer relationship to fashion bloggers in order to receive exposure the bloggers various followers.  This article gives a slight look into how important it is fore relationships to form between fashion brands and bloggers.   Also, this article provides insight to the perks that many bloggers receive from brands who are interested in being featured in one of their blog such as tickets to Fashion Week shows and free clothing.

Creative Commons Media

It is important to use Creative Commons Media because it allows bloggers to be sure that they will not encounter with any copyright infringement issues.  CC Media has allowed bloggers to be able to share with their readers whatever they want while also protecting themselves as they share.  The importance that comes with the founding of CCM is that as a digitally-obsessed society, we are always encountering issues with pirating and infringement.  CCM takes away some of the “need” bloggers sometimes may have to pirate certain parts of media that they need for a certain post and it also gives them a wider range of media to work with.  The guidelines of CCM also allow the creator of the media to be prompt to more exposure due to the fact that there is definitely a higher chance for bloggers to use their material and share it with their follower base.  As a creator, a blogger will be able to set up their own guidelines to their original material while still not completely putting hard regulations on it in order for them to receive more exposure from other media sources.


IMG_7910My name is Carla and i’m from North Plainfield, NJ. I’m 18 years old and my birthday is on March 31st. I was born in Ecuador and am fluent in Spanish and somewhat familiar with Italian. I am a first-year and I commute to campus. My favorite color is black and yes, black is a color not a shade. I love a wide variety of music and I love attending concerts. I’ve gone to music festivals such as Bamboozle in ’08 and ’10, Life in Color, and recently I attended Hardwell at Pier 94 in December.  I would consider myself social, friendly, upbeat person that likes interacting with others. In my spare time I like to go out with friends and try new things.  I am completely afraid of heights and have only gone on one roller coaster in my eighteen years of living.  Like many college students, I truly love and appreciate Netflix because of the wide variety of TV series one can find on there. I am a huge lover of “The Office” because of the the awkwardness and humor of the show.  I love to go out and try new food and restaurants. I have always wanted to take a road trip down South and hit all the major “soul” food places that have been featured on popular Travel Channel and Food Network shows.  Ideally, I would love to travel the world as I get older.  Traveling has always excited me because I have always been interested in all the different cultures and languages that can be found throughout the world.  My love for travel has impacted my career decision immensely because I have always dreamed of working in a field that would allow and, perhaps, require travel.  I’m planning to major in Communications and specialize in Public Relations.  I am somewhat familiar with blogs and the terms that come along with blogging because I have had a Tumblr for about four years now.  Unlike many popular blogs, my Tumblr has no set focus or theme, it is just many random pictures and quotes that I reblog.    I hope to get more knowledge about blogs and the way to run one through this course because in the Fashion PR field people are required to keep up with the latest blogs such as Fashionista and Stylelist.  I hope to be able to work alongside couture and high-end  designers such as Givenchy or Armani through the major PR firms that represent them.  Although my work field would most likelt require me to work in New York City, I would never want to live there.  I would love to live in Hoboken, NJ because it provides the best of both worlds to me.Hoboken is near to the city, it has a city-like atmosphere while having a home-y, small town vibe to it which is what I am ultimately look for in a city.  I truly believe that this creative writing course will not only be fun, but contribute immensely to what I need to know career wise.theoffice