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Monetize Personal Blog

I think for my personal blog one of the best ways I would be able to monetize it would be with affiliate advertising.  I talk about the GoPro cameras in every single post, why they’re cool and what I use them for so I think if I provided a link and couple persuade enough people into buying one themselves then GoPro wouldn’t mind tossing me something in return for all of the advertising that I do for their product anyway.  If they didn’t want to do that then I’m sure I could throw a banner ad on there or even a display ad that has some GoPro footage and then that would attract consumers to the actual site instead of buying through my blog.  Another way I think I could monetize it would be for my services.  For example, if someone really like a picture I took I could offer prints of it for a price.  Another example would be that if someone liked one of my edits or something I could shoot it for them using what I know or if they wanted to try and teach them through personal or video tutorial even the things I know so that they could go and do it themselves. I think as far as products go I don’t use that many outside of the camera so besides that I wouldn’t be able to  try and push products as much just because I don’t have many to offer aside form the actual camera, but the main thing that I like about GoPros is that they try to provide you with a Do It Yourself mentality so I think that ultimately that would help with the selling of cameras.  “He’s able to do this and take these pictures and videos and edit them with no prior experience in photography so why can’t I?” That combination on having my voice behind what I post and the DIY attitude would ultimately help

Anonymous Blog

I think that the anonymity of a blog or what I’m reading definitely affects the way I look at it.  I know when I’m reading an article on ESPN i’ll always check the author and see who it is.  If it’s someone like Bill Simmons I hold the words he says in higher regard versus some writer than I have never heard of.  Another example is some of the stuff I’ll read on IMDB or a movie website.  Just because they’re posting a review on a movie I have no idea who they are unless they credit themselves with a big name.  I think what it comes down to for me is credibility.  If someone is posting an opinion piece of about something then that is fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but why hide behind a anonymous name?  I tend to take everything that is said with a little bit of a salt.  This works even more if they’re posting a news topic or some type of current event.  Why would they need to stay hidden if they’re posting some non biased information about the event?  I doubt it is the same for everyone but just for me specifically I would last prefer to have a name so I can search about the author myself instead of there being no author name at all.

Hyperlocal Blog

Brick Town New Jersey is a small town in Ocean County, and as of 2010 it has a population of 75,000+ people.  Directly next to Point Pleasant and Toms River, right near the Atlantic Ocean.  A 10 minute bike ride from the ocean and the boardwalk.  With a range of ages and different types of ethnicities, Brick Town is one of the more diverse towns in the state.  The town is split up because of the high schools.  “Old Brick” is South Brick and “Memorial” is North Brick or “new brick”.  Old Brick has a reputation of being…old.  Things look like they need to be updated around there from the high school itself to the roadways and buildings in there area.

The hyperblog of Brick that we created is the Brick Town Local.  At the top of our blog we would have tabs for the following:

  • Food
  • Night Life
  • Recreation
  • Local News
  • Sports Teams
  • Events
  • Religious Organizations

The food tab would focus on local restaurants and places in the town. There are plenty of pizza places in Brick. I know on Herbertsville road there are at least 4 pizza places just on that road alone.  There are also plenty of Italian places to eat in Brick town.  We would talk about the local deals and places, perhaps high light a different place each week.

The night life tab would be filled with places that you could go in the surrounding areas.  Although Brick is not the main point of the shore there is obviously many places right near in Asbury and Seaside and Point Pleasant where people go all the time when they go out.  The infamous “Jersey Shore” show on MTV highlighted a couple of these places and have since become huge tourists attractions.

The recreation tab would be filled with the local parks and pictures and events.  There are plenty of park in Brick where you can play all kinds of sports.  Tennis, Soccer fields, Basketball, you name it and there is a field for it.  There are also a few skate parks in the area where kids go all the time.

The local news tab would update things that re going around in the town, some road work sites so you can avoid, how the high schools or sports teams are doing, just a lot of general information and current events in the town.

Sports Teams would talk about the High School sports clubs as much as the local clubs.  Our pop warner football, little league baseball and wrestling programs are very imbedded into the town.  I know kids that have started wrestling at local clubs when they were little kids and then these clubs will travel and face other clubs.  There are many soccer clubs as well so we would be able to highlight any success that these clubs have.

Events would be the local events that are going on in the Brick at the time. For example in the summer time every Tuesday there was “Summer Fest” at Windward beach.  There we would talk about the acts or what time the fireworks are going to go off and the schedule of events, get people out there.

There are plenty of churches in the town so we would be able to update the local church events and the CCD programs that are available.

There is a lot going on in Brick Town and because of the Brick Town Local hyperblog you will be able to know everything that is going on from Sport to Pizza!


Live Blog Perception

I think live blogging definitely has the ability to change the perception of something that you’re passionate about.  Depending on how quickly a blogger will update it could be a lot of short, bare information that they want you to take in.  They want to high light the important bits and pieces so you’ll miss out on all the finer details.  If a person has a passion for something they normally want to take in as much information as they can so reading a live blog might not be the best.  But that’s the world today, as soon as something happens we want to hear about it.  I know for award shows I don’t necessarily follow along on a live blog post but on twitter that is what my feed is dominated by.  It makes me feel like I have to watch, to know what all my friends are talking about. “Imagine Dragons and Kendrick just killed that performance.”  Of course things like this are going to interest me and make me want to see what everyone is talking about.  I think big time sporting events and award shows have benefitted the most from twitter.  Just these past Academy Awards Ellen broke the records for most retweets.  People are watching but not only are they watching they want to join the conversation with other people.  I guess this can be a positive thing or a negative thing, depending on how you look at it.  It’s bad enough that we spend hours in front of the tv, but now were watching the tv and paying attention to our cell phones?  Seems like overkill. I think in a way live blogging is almost addicting for readers.  Always wanting the new information, always wanting to stay in the loop, and don’t have any time to waste.  Like I said with me, it basically forced me to watch these award shows.

Blogging Network

I think I wold definitely consider joining a blogging network.  Not only would I be able to get my opinion out in the world for certain topics but I would be able to create a voice for myself.  Another reason why I would want to join a blogging network would be to create a network for myself.  I hear people tell me all the time “you need to get out there and network yourself”.  Meeting people through networking is how it’s done nowadays.  I think my voice would be one that is opinionated but definitely fun a light.  I would want people to read my work and want to keep reading my work.  I would want to use it as a creative outlet also.  I would support one another by sharing each others work.  Letting the world that these smart people are out there.

Stocking Stuffer

Our business would be “Stocking” Have you ever had to get a gift for a family or friend but didn’t feel like dealing with shopping with the holiday crowds?  With you can do all of your holiday shopping with the click on a button right form your home.  Put together different packages for different holidays, and customize what you want in your package. For example, a Christmas package, or an Easter package that comes with different candy and other Easter things of that nature.  Our goals with social media will be for people to hopefully be able to recognize our brand.  The social media platforms that would be most helpful would most likely be ones that are heavily picture based such as Pintrest and Instagram.  Also, I feel like an respectable business would have a Facebook and a Twitter so those would be other social media platforms we would use.  We can use pictures of our current products, let people know what it is exactly they’re buying.  Also, we can remind people of any holidays that are upcoming so they can get their package.  Something like twitter we could be able to post every day about which day it is just in case it’s someones birthday and offer a promotion for that day.  A simple way to get great gifts for friends or family, almost like amazon, but strictly based on holidays.

Social Media Policy:

  • Do not force a sale by denigrating or insulting someone not purchasing a product or celebrating a holiday
  • No cursing or vulgar language
  • No inappropriate imagery
  • Respect individuals rights, do not harass customers or employees physical or psychologically
  • Respect copyright laws, do not use or steal intellectual properties of others or the companies
  • Do not do anything that can harm the company image
  • Do not post false information
  • Do not disclose private company information
  • Do not give discounts without proper cause or proper documentation
  • Always be prompt
  • Always be available
  • Always be reliable
  • Always display a positive attitude
  • Strive to be better
  • Strive to innovate



Social Media is the language of the modern century and we need help from you to run our social media campaign for our company!  Someone that shares the same vision as us, who is willing to help people get the things that they need in a reasonable time for a reasonable price.  We don’t need help running the business aspects of Stocking Stuffer, but we do need to get our name out via the world of Social Media and that is where  you come in!

Job Description:

  • Monitoring trends in social media, tools and applications.  Regularly feedback insights to develop and evolve strategies.
  • Be versatile in the fields of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram and be ready to learn other social media platforms upon request.
  • Be able to teach the skills you know about social media to a team or business partner
  • Be well organized to keep track of upcoming holidays and social plans that are widely celebrated
  • Be able to communicate well with people and start relationships with new people
  • Be able to lead a team of social media developers underneath you
  • Demonstrate ability to work in a highly concentrated work environment
  • Collaboration skills

We’ll run the business, help us run our networks.

What Is Social Media?

In my own words I think I would describe social media as communication.  Social media allows you to connect with people all over the world in the blink of an eye and be.. social.  Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook are all the kinds of social media that I am most familiar with.  Growing up in today’s age we grew up with these technologies and websites so it’s very easy for kids my age to get on a social media site and communicate with someone.  Social media has also become a way of promotion as well.  So many businesses these days have on their ads “Check us out at facebook at….”.  But back to my main point I would say communication what drives social media.  I know for me I get a lot of my news from twitter, or someone will post a picture of their friend on instagram because it’s their birthday so that’ll remind me to reach out to that person.  Or I have friends that live all over the country but with facebook I’m able to keep up with what they’re doing or chat with them whenever I want, and that’s really the main reason I even have a facebook at this point, to stay connected to people. Overall social media has become the modern day way to communicate with friends, family, potential consumers of a product, and the over all masses, all in the blink of an eye.

Is Crowdsourcing Hurtful or Helpful?

Image by Superhub

Image by Superhub

The article by Jeff Howe “The Rise of Crowdsourcing” talks about how with the technological advances crowdsourcing is not only becoming a more viable solution to problems as far as cost and efficiency but it is also pushing out outsourcing and people who specialize in specific areas of work as well.

To put in layman’s terms, crowdsourcing is glorified group work to find the solution to problems.  People from all over the planet are able to contribute.  Some sites offer a fair amount of money for your work if you specialize in something while other sites such as Mechanical Turk by Amazon (as Howe mentions) there is not much monetary rewards. In his article Howe brings up examples of how this can be a good thing but at the same time there are people that suffer from crowdsourcing.

Howe used the example of a photographer in the very beginning of his article stating that “In 2000, Harmel made roughly $69,000 from a portfolio of 100 stock photographs, a tidy addition to what he earned from commissioned work. Last year his stock business generated less money – $59,000 – from more than 1,000 photos. That’s quite a bit more work for less money.”  When there is so much information and in this case photographs available at the blink of an eye because of the technological advances it dilutes the products value.  At one point you would pay someone a lot of money for a couple of images or images of something particular you were looking for but with crowdsourcing you can have a lot of images for a lot less money.

It makes sense for businesses to use crowdsourcing because if they spend less money but make the same amount then that’s a greater profit for them obviously but for artists or photographers we can see how crowdsourcing is harmful to their craft.  Another reason why crowdsourcing can be beneficial is to world problems.  With the internet you have to ability to connect everyone at the blink of an eye, whether you live in Australia or New Jersey, you can work together to find a solution to a problem. When you have a greater amount of people working towards one goal the chances of getting what you want done obviously rise.  One example is with the missing flight of the  Missing Malaysia Airline.  People from all over the world are trying to figure out what could have happened, where the plane is, what actually went wrong.  You have all of these people from all over the world with different types of backgrounds and education trying to reach a common goal the you will eventually have results and solutions.

Overall crowdsourcing definitely has it’s benefits, but as with most things there will be the people that are not able to adapt and will suffer because of it.

Three Blogs I Follow

The three blogs that I chose to talk about are blogs that not only have my interest by their subject matter, but also by how they show off this content.  A National Geographic tumblr blog, Gizmodo and a blog called Crumblepop.  Each of these blogs have a different type of element that I would like to incorporate in my final product for a blog and I think that by viewing these I can get a lot of helpful ideas and hints on how to succeed at that.

First off we have the National Geographic page.  This blog is great because of how simple it is.  It is all about pictures, just older, high quality, captivating images.  Huge pictures that take up a big portion of the screen when you first click that you are forced to focus on the pictures at hand.  I want my blog and the pictures I post to have this same dominating affect when people come to visit.  The layout is very simple and that’s what I like about it, you go there to see these pictures and take in all that they have to offer.

The next one is Gizmodo.  A very popular technology website that talks about news and products in the world of technology.  One thing I enjoy about Gizmodo is how much information they give you.  You can choose from a bunch of different topics in the world of technology and they normally lure you in by a captivating headline of .GIF.  There are a couple downsides to Gizmodo as well though.  Sometimes the things that they are talking about seem foreign and confusing, and even I have trouble following along with what they are talking about.  I understand that the subject matter may be a little difficult but at times they don’t do much to ease you into that transition, they just give you this information and hope you make something with it.

Finally I picked Crumblepop as a blog to follow.  This blog has a lot to do with the video editing software Final Cut Pro.  It’s software that I’ll sometimes use when I make my videos but at times can be like learning a new language.  It talks about tips and tricks with the software and has some effects that you can buy.  The main reason why I chose this blog was because of the tutorial videos because I know I always get stuck a bunch when I work with Final Cut so it comes in very helpful.

My final blog I hope contains a few elements of all of these sites: the way national geographic boasts beautiful images for you, the way Gizmodo makes technology accessible and the way Crumblepop helps you out with tutorials and tricks.  Going to try and keep all of these aspects and get rid of the negative ones each site presents.