“Monetize” a Blog

I think the best way, for me personally, to see any sort of profit would be to guest post for a corporate blog or income-generating website. Since my blog doesn’t have any sort of readership, putting ads up that are either PPI or PPC wouldn’t really be that effective. Also, in terms of my blog content, I wouldn’t foresee myself being able to make leeway in terms of a partnership or sponsorship unless it had to do with a certain brand of wine. Which would completely go against the point of my blog, which is to wine taste not only the different wines but also how different brands compare to that. I do know, however, that I have strong writing skills which can become marketable but perhaps not off of my own dalliances into blogging.

Therefore, guest posting seems like an accurate read of both my skills and blogging knowledge. If my blog were to gain any sort of regular readership, or even began to have a lot of hits per day then I would consider looking into advertisement or even donations–though honestly I do have certain sites that I follow and admire but very rarely is there ever a time that I am tempted to donate money. Really, unless its for a cause I’m not really looking to have anybody profit off of me. At least not from it directly coming out of my pocket if I can help it.

Anonymous Blogging

I think that when it comes to anonymous blogging people can be divided with their opinions regarding it. For example, some people might not think that there is credibility behind anything that is being said because the person won’t put their name behind it. Sometimes it can also be an issue of security, or how safe people feel posting opinions that might not be all that popular. I know a large number of people who will say inflammatory things but then hide behind the guise of an anonymous commenter. I also recognize that not everybody lives in a situation where expressing certain opinions are even legally allowed. For example, someone who is blogging or writing about gay marriages or unions in a positive light could stand to be ostracized in their communities and in some countries even sentenced to death. While anonymity can give certain people safety, it can also create a distrust in the reader if whoever the writer is doesn’t instill trust in some other manner. Therefore, I think it can really be a complicated issue. As far as my readings go, I don’t worry too much about who is doing the writing. I like to focus much more on what is being said and whether I agree with that or not. At the end of the day whether the original writer is willing to fess up to what is being said or omitted, I think they can’t withdraw what has already been written and that a bigger focus should be on the work that is being created rather than a creator–unless both are absolutely necessary in order to understand what is being said.

Thoughts on Blogging Networks

As a personal decision, I think I would not mind being part of a blogging network. The positives that are associated with being part of a blogging network seem to really appealing, especially since I am such a new blogger in the blogosphere. I think that by being part of a blogging network, not only will I be able to get myself out there, but I would also be able to learn from the other blogs found on the same blogging network as me.

Since getting hits and being followed is the goal for any blog, being associated with such a blogging network platform makes it easier to get my name across. The only thing is, I would rather be part of a blogging network that would link to my own blog and even highlight some of my other personal posts. That way, if a person comes to read a blog on the blogging network, mine can be read too. I understand that there are other blogs that should also be highlighted, and that is totally fine. I would not mind have a rotational highlighting of different blogs. That way everyone gets chance. Having a blogging network that only highlights the same blogs over and over is not one that I would want to be a part of.

While the examples of blog networks we looked at seemed pretty comprehensive, I did not find that either of them would be able to support my own blog. I really like talking about books and movies, things in the entertainment. Or at least, those are some of the things that I really like talking about. Therefore, a type of blog network that I could see myself contributing to would be one that deals with literature and movies. Like I mentioned in the above paragraph, I would like the blog network that I am part of highlight my posts every now and then. By being highlighted by the blog network, I can get some validation to what I’m writing. That is because the sure fire way to get validation on anything is to know that people are reading and listening to what you are saying.

The way this type of blog network would be helpful is that other people can find a sense of community that they may not have in real life. The people that blog will be able to help others make their blogs better because these people will read other blogs. If they see something that they like in a blog and see that it was highlighted for the week, then that would make another blogger try to emulate it in some way to ensure that theirs will also be highlighted eventually. Not only that, but since there is usually some type of contact information associated with the bloggers on the blog network, bloggers can get in touch with each other and even promote each other on their own private blog posts that are not on the blog network.

Annotated Bibliography #6

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This article give six reasons as to how blogging had positive effects on a kindergarten class. These six effects included: relationships, feedback, self-esteem, digital citizenship, audience, and communication. The author gives a short explanation for each of the effects and how she saw it displayed by the students in her class.

Response to Lauren DiCioccio Paintings

Well I think it is both obvious, and not, how we can relate Lauren DiCioccio’s Paintings to blogging. What she has done with the dots teaches us a lesson. Whether it is words, cats, oranges or airplanes, the format and layout of the page remains the same. It is so much the same that we can recognize what she is trying to portray although there is not a single word on any of these pages. In terms of blogging, we can use this lesson to our advantage when it comes to laying out our page. I think the number one thing to take away, is that there is somewhat of a set format when you are laying out posts and pages on your blog. For instance, you can’t have a blog that doesn’t have a single word on it anywhere. That would mean there is no title, no contact information, no about section, nothing. Would that blog ever get any traction? Would anyone ever want to visit that blog? Same thing would happen if the blog was nothing but words. Think about how boring that blog would be? With that being said, we obviously don’t want every blog on the internet to look exactly the same, but like DiCioccio used dots instead of words, maybe we use graphics instead of photos, videos instead of paragraphs. There are endless possibilities when it comes to blogging but it is always important to keep in mind what your audience wants. Of course, this depends on what kind of blog you are running. But in my opinion, regardless of the type of blog, there should never be a blog that doesn’t include any pictures. If you have a food blog, include so many pictures so that your audience isn’t hungry for more (no pun intended). With my food posts, I like to show a picture of the ingredients, a picture of the batter or mixture, a picture before the oven or freezer or fridge, a picture after the oven or freezer or fridge, a pictured of the dish artfully laid out on a plate, and a picture of the dish with a bite taken out of it. When I’m baking, and following a recipe that didn’t show step by step picture like that, I’m always questioning whether or not my version looks like it should, whether I did it right, or if things are going to go horribly wrong. When it comes to format, DiCioccio’s paintings also advise that we should follow somewhat of a set of guidelines, like coloring within the lines for the most part, but it can’t hurt to change things up a bit and go outside the norm. There are an endless array of possibilities when it comes to blogging, just keep in mind that visually appealing is the number one thing your blog should strive to be.