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Monetizing my blog

There are many ways a person could monetize their blog to create another source of income for themselves. However, if the choice was left up to for me to decide to monetize, my current blog it would definitely be through the use of advertising on my blog. Monetizing is the act of converting or establishing an asset into legal tender such as money. Through the use of advertisements my blog would be able to create a source of revenue by the amount of visitors that are visiting my blog. I would either go out and find businesses to sell space for their advertisements on my blog or I could find Google to help me find businesses. In this sense, by outsourcing to find businesses for my blog, Google is considered to be a broker in this situation. I still would be receiving an income form the advertisements on my blog page but Google would receive a percentage of it when each page is visited. Google makes things easier for bloggers because they are able to connect businesses who want to place advertisements on blogs and bloggers who want to create an extra source of revenue in their lives by adding advertisements to their blogs.

The way I would be able to generate money by adding advertisements is the how many times people will view my blog throughout the day. Based on that amount of views will be based on how much money I receive from the businesses who placed their ads on my blog. For example, uses advertisements as their main source of revenue for the blog. Since the blog is really popular in the sports world, many people tend to view the site at all times during the day around the country. The show the demographics of the viewers who visit the website and how much they charge for the placement of ads on their blog. This is a really cool way to attract businesses to pay to place their ads on the blog. This would be a great way for me to monetize my blog, considering my blog is about sports.

Blogging Privacy

In my opinion, if a blogger is anonymous it does not matter to me at all. The reason being is because if they are just writing about their life, topics, clothes, etc, then there is no reason to get to know the person on a different level. For me, I just want to read the news that they post on their blog. I do not personally care who this is or where they are from or what is their favorite color. So when I read the blog, I do not look for these types of things in a person’s blog.

Since it would not affect my reading, I would continue to read the content on their blog. If the information they post is useful and interesting, I will continue to read the blog. I’m only viewing the blog to get a source of news and therefore if it is good news on the blog, then they are going to get more views from me. Some people are curious in trying to find who the person is who runs the blog. At the end of the day it does not matter. It could be a young kid who loves sports and wants to post something every day about sports. Or it could even be a 90 year old woman who loves to talk about the newest fashion that is being displayed today.

On twitter, there used to be an account called “Drunk Barney”, which would be a parody account that would make fun of Barney, the big purple dinosaur, and what he is like today after when his show was canceled. It was hilarious and I thought the account was extremely funny. This guy who ran the blog was anonymous, and therefore I continued to view the twitter account for funny jokes that were displayed multiple times in the day. The guy that ran account had mentioned that he was from New Jersey and would announce when he was going to different colleges to have fun such as Monmouth University or even the party at Rutgers. It was cool that he shared these facts with all of his followers, but I was not compelled to find out who this guy was and where he actually lived. I honestly thought his jokes were funny. I guarantee people wanted to know who he is. But that is not my style to do something like that. If a blog is a good read, continue to read it. There is no sense to go out and look for someone who runs the blog. Respect their privacy because if roles were reversed and you wanted privacy, you would make sure that no one could find out whom you were.

Live Blogging Response

Live Blogging might change the way I view sports games during when they are actually happening. Sometimes I will be doing something else and when I check twitter or ESPN, I will see what has happened prior to when I first looked at these sites to see the score. I think it is rather convenient because I am able to get live updates to see what teams are winning and how much time is left in any game. Also sports writers write or comment their opinions on how a particular player is doing in the game, injury updates, and how the overall team is doing. Sometimes you might read something funny from a live update such as a person deciding to streak across the field or court or how during a TV-timeout a fan did something crazy at venue and was caught on camera.

There are many positives to live blogging. One of these positives is the fact that you are able to get constant live updates of many things of the game like I stated above in the last paragraph. Because you are able to read live updates on your favorite teams, there is no need for a newspaper anymore. Around 15 to 20 years ago, you would have to read the newspaper to see how your favorite team performed during that game if you did not watch it. The only way to know if you didn’t watch it live on your TV (Even then there not all sports games were on TV) you would have to watch the news at night to get the recap of the game. Or sometimes if you were lucky, you could call or ask a friend who won the game. Today it is unimaginable to have to wait and see who won what game because you can pull out your phone, computer, tablet, etc, to see the constant updates.

Some of the negatives of live blogging is the misinformation that is presented to the reader on the live blog. This is a huge problem for readers because they look to see the constant updates of a particular sporting event or even any other award show event. Sometimes, if misinformation is given about a score or who was injured during the game, then you do not know what is really happening. I know for a fact if this happens with ESPN on twitter, they will usually delete the tweet that contains the misinformation and will apologize for their mistake to all the readers. This might ruin their credibility if it is excessive because people want to read he truth and not be misinformed about mistakes. This might cause a person to look at another source along with ESPN to confirm if they are actually right in their next live update. I believe that live blogging is a wonderful thing, and I do not know what would I do without it.

Blogging Networks

If there was an opportunity to joining a blogging network, I believe that I would take that chance and join it. The reason being is because I would be able to connect the blog I currently operate now and be able to have it connect with other bloggers of the same field I am currently blogging about. It is something bigger than my blog and then I will be able to talk to the other bloggers a part of my network so we can share and collaborate our information with each other. By having these relationships with each other we are able to form bonds with other bloggers and therefore it is like one giant blog instead of a lonely blog that I would make by myself. Another impact that a blogging network that will help me will be the fact of more traffic coming to my blog. The more traffic equals the more people interested in what I have to say and also there will be more readers interacting with each other about different sports content. In a blogging network, many of the bloggers that are a part of the network will be able to promote each other’s blogs by posting a link to that certain person’s blog. Therefore, the amount of readers will expand over time at a fast paced rate. For myself, this would be a learning experience for being in my first blogging network, and will help me promote my blog to a bigger audience.

If my blog could fit in to any blogging network, it would definitely be a part of Brash. I love the way the website has different categories that it blogs about ranging from sports, entertainment, technology, and auto. Since, my blog consists of a wide range of major sports, I would be able to use my blog post on Brash’s website. I would still post about the different sporting news that is taking place in the different sports leagues today. It would not change but, my blog, will for sure become more noticeable and thus attracting more readers. I would also repost anything on Brash that I found interesting or promote anyone’s work on my blog.

Bloggers within the network can support each other in many ways. As I mentioned above, they can promote each other’s blog posts in their blog and send readers to view their blogs by posting a link to the blogger’s website. Another way for support would be able to communicate with each other to help them by showing the bloggers if they need more critique on the given blog. This will only enhance the blog’s features and therefore it becomes better than it does before. Another source of support will be the ability to guest post on each other’s blog to make it more diverse. This will allow a whole new audience coming to your blog, which means more people will be reading your blog.

Collaborative Blogging


Have ever wondered how you could possibly write a post on a particular subject and somehow it could be added to someone’s blog? In the article: “Guest Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide” by Kerin Foster, the author gives beginner bloggers who are interested in having their thoughts expressed besides making it into a comment on a blog post, there are blogs that encourage people across the internet to make a guest post. The topics could range from sports to fashion jewelry to anything that you want to talk about. The author presents her tips to the bloggers that are interested in easy steps. The steps are easy and they consist of researching your topic, finding a blog that is looking for users to submit a guest post, and submitting the post to the editors. The final step is to see whether your post is accepted or not, so patience is a virtue in this sense.

For example, during this past semester, our class was assigned to write posts onto the Rutgers University Admissions Blog, which is an example of a guest post on the blog. I researched my topic on how to get into the Business School from the School of Arts and Sciences from myself and friends’ experiences. I was able to ask Lee Ann Dmochowski, who is in charge of managing the Rutgers University Admissions Blog for the credentials for posting on the site’s blog. I had to wait for awhile before she had sent me credentials for allowing me to post on the blog, but when I received them, I was able to make a guest blog post on the site. It is really cool to make a guest blog post because students around the world who are interested in attending Rutgers University will be able to see my guest blog post or another post from a student.

In the article, “7 Essential Ingredients For a Successful Collaborative Blog”  by Marty McPadden and Misty Belardo, the authors write about how collaborative blogs can be successful on the internet. The “ingredients” they mention consist of Goals, Talents, Commitment, Communication,etc are vital and must be the same for everyone contributing to the blog. Without these elements the blog might not succeed on the web and it will lose followers are people will not bother to see the content because the blog is too unorganized. For example, the blog, Bleacher Report, consists of many sports writers that write and contribute to many sports that are being played all over the country from football to cricket. These writers have a common goal, which is for readers to be informed about breaking news in sports and having different articles that relate to readers’ favorite sports teams. The writers do not go off topic or contradict each other’s articles on the blog because if they did, it would leave reader’s confused. I believe that Bleacher Report follows these 7 ingredients mentioned in the article, which proves why they are so successful. Personally, because of Bleacher Report’s content, I look at their site more than I look at ESPN.

Annotated Bibliography 6

Blogging for businesses is absolutely essential. However, if you do not have any time to dedicate a lot of time to your blog, but still want it to be updating more frequently, then outsourcing is perfect for any business owner. There are many ways to use outsourcing. When a business owner decides to outsource, they have to either pay a person for their service or you can have a person who is very passionate about your products/services to blog for free. There is an opportunity cost between time spent blogging and time spent doing something else more productive for your business. You need to make sure that the person who is running your blog is able to stay focused and on task. You do not want to sacrifice quality on your blog. There are different risks but sometimes the rewards outweigh the risks.

Social Media

Social Media, in my opinion, is the types of different applications through the use of internet and cellular media. This allows people to be connected together to exchange information and talk to them in another social connection besides personal interaction. Blogging is definitely a form of social media because it allows people to read and learn about a certain subject and be able to connect with the blogger and the other follower’s blog. By commenting you are able to connect with teach other. This allows people to interact with their opinions and are able to have conversations with them. Because of the comments section of the blog, then it is considered to be social media. Luckily for this class we are able to interact with each other and therefore we are able to learn from each other’s blogs to make ours better.



Annotated Bibliography 5

There are many ways businesses can fail to have their business succeed in cyberspace because of many reasons. Sometimes businesses waste money on blogs such on WordPress and do not take of advantage of using them at all. This is negative attention and inactive online marketing. Another mistake is the blog being too scattered meaning that categories do not make sense to the customers or having different themes in your blog. Having a blog that makes readers work too hard to read your blog can be a hinderance as well because if the white space is not correctly use in posts and pictures, or if there are too many errors that are overlooked such as grammatical, spelling, or misused words can make it really confusing for anyone to read the business’s blog. Keep things simple and stay on top, which will help your business succeed in cyber space.

Annotated Bibliography 4

There are many mistakes that businesses make when they blog about their products and services. One mistake is the fact that the blog is separate from the company’s website. This hurts when customers try to search for your blog and are unable to. Another mistake is publishing infrequently and inconsistently. If a business does not post on their blog page regularly, then customers would not bother to look because of the company’s lack of interest in their blog. Another mistake is a company’s lack of presence on social media. Without social media, people would not know what products are services they are promoting. It is important to keep your blog and social media updated so customers are able to see what is happening in the present of their favorite company.

Nude Media

The Nude Media article has really unveiled something totally new to me even though I did not put much attention to it. It is when a file is stripped of its information or context and is put onto the internet. This is what is called Nude Media. I had no idea that there was something called for this application. Pointing out what the article says, when a piece of artwork or media becomes nude when the written work loses its meaning and the property is somewhat stolen and put onto the internet. The article has pointed out to me that this is a huge problem and the nude media is everywhere more than I thought it was originally. The use of Creative Commons Media is more important to me now than I had originally thought. It is such an important resource and it needs to be used by everyone. This allows you to use the image but only if the author gives your permission to use the media of choice. You do not want to strip the media of it’s content and therefore get in trouble legally because you technically “stole” someone’s original art work. By using Creative Commons Media, you give the author of the media some credibility and recognition of their work.

It amazes me that when you read something online it is in a totally different style when you reblog it or email it to someone. This is a huge difference because the media is supposed to stay the same no matter what. It is not up to anyone to change the author’s work except for the author. You should not be able to distort any part of the media through the digital translation. By using Creative Commons, you are able to use the chosen media but at the author’s discretion. The main goal for an author is to keep the same original work in the same context as it was founded. I know it can be hard to do, but I think that it should not be changed at all for whatever reason.

I know it may not be all possible to stop the style change of an original artwork, but it should be almost as similar as the original artwork. You do not want the artwork to be badly damaged and messy that it does not look good. It should still be in the same formatting and the same layout. Nude media should not be a major threat to bloggers or any other internet user. If people will use Creative Commons Media as a resource, then everything should fall in line. The main goal is to not rip off someone else’s work that is not ours. So if we use Creative Commons Media, then all the media will not be changed and still stay in the original formatting.