Social Media

The question of “what is social media”  at the surface seems to be fairly easy, but when being put to the test to give a straight answer it comes to show that social media is difficult to explain.  Techinically, social media are websites where people are able to interact, share pictures, and post statuses that they want but there are many different components of social media.  Social media is utilized for many different things whether its professionally, academically, politically, socially, and the list continues.  Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn were all created for the sole purpose of interaction between users but they are all used very different depending on the individual.  LinkedIn, in particular, is used for professionals in order to share their experience and expertise in their field with other professionals and, even in some cases, employers.  A blog can definitely be considered a type of social media.  Within blogs, users are able to share their ideas and opinions with their readers and in many cases have back and forth conversations through comments.  Unlike social media, blogging is infinite when it comes to how many characters a post can have therefore providing a wider, more open space for users to share whatever it is they have to say.

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