Business Proposal

Industry: small, up and coming publishing company, with only a handful of best sellers so far.


Dear Boss,

People like to read specific genres nowadays and join blogging communities to discuss the books they’ve read and what they thought about it. It would be in our best interest to create a blog for our company that could advertise the different books that we have available for the public.

For one thing, we can highlight certain books that have not really been selling in order to get them to sell. We can do this by seeing how the best sellers that we have compare to the other non-selling books in plot and characters, and advertise them together.

Also, by getting more popularity, we can encourage other authors to want to publish with us. At the same time, by getting a name for ourselves out there, more people would want to work for us.

Not only would it be beneficial to us to have our own blog, but could then have a social presence on other blogs. This would help us get more readership and business if we feature on blogs that are often read and visited.

While it may take a bit more work to maintain a blog and a presence in the blogosphere, the potential revenue that would increase is priceless.


Piscataway Gazette

People of Piscataway:

-mostly commuters, using the trains (Edison Train Station or New Brunswick);

-mostly people who work in the city and/or affiliated with Rutgers (mostly Livingston);

-mix of middle/working class;

-since people have other places to be, kind of lacks the community unity, place to stay but go some where else.


Population of Piscataway:

-As of 2010, 56,044 people.


Who lives there:

-A good mix of people

-Diverse ethnicities and nationalities

-Mostly families

-Varied ages; senior day-care center, senior communities, Board Ed. building with recreational activities

-Spread out


Blog Design:

-Current events (town hall meetings, etc)



-Commuter news

-Family orientated news

-Construction page

-Weekly highlights

-Open Forum section

  • where people can suggest topics associated with Piscataway and interact with each other
  • people can ask questions and get other people of the community to answer it
  • spark a community feeling by helping each other and getting each others’ opinions about Piscatway

-Popular places

  • Places that should be visited by popular opinion
  • Reviews of places in Piscataway



**image heavy, so you know what the town looks like.

**Header, no endless scrolling, like the barista blog with the pages on the top.

**User friendly for every age

Start-Up: Book Binds and Dine Continued

Social Media Manager:

The focus of our company is to promote book sales and community outreach programs. We support this mainly by using different forms of social media in order to reach a wide audience. We are very invested in maintaining a “small-town” look and feel to the bookstore in a way that makes it feel like it is part of your personal community. We want it to feel homey and familiar. Therefore, our social media platforms should have a similar look and feel to what we represent.

We are looking for somebody who is knowledgable about using different platforms as well as creative enough to bring our message to light. You will need a high amount of experience in web etiquette as well as a fair amount of knowing web design and good writing skills.

We want someone who not only has the experience but also the heart to take our company message seriously as well a dedication to reaching our goals through social media. Responsibilities will include:
Managing and keeping all forms of social media updated
Responsible for making the public aware of upcoming events
Monitoring the traffic coming in and out through social media
Monitoring trends
Optimizing uses of marketing as well as costumer outreach
Being aware of community programs and partners that could help us in the future
Appealing to a demographic of both older and younger people
Keeping tabs on what works versus what doesn’t work
Filtering through comments and answering client needs/questions