In-Class Assignments

Blogging and Monetization

If I was to monetize Rated E, I think I would choose primarily advertisement and corporate sponsorship. I would also leave the option to donate via Paypal because it couldn’t hurt anything. (If possible, and if I was really gaining a significant fanbase, I would perhaps sell merchandise but that isn’t likely to happen with opinionated/review blogs.)

Because my blog is based on the opinions and reviews of movies and TV shows, it would be easiest and most beneficial to do advertisement. It’s the perfect type of blog for advertising because it targets a very specific audience that has a significant amount of people; advertisers who would feature on my blog would be upcoming films and perhaps films that don’t get enough advertisement on TV or in theaters. Perhaps straight to DVD films could feature their advertisements. New upcoming shows that aren’t projected to have high ratings for their premiere could advertise and perhaps boost their numbers. The same can be said for corporate sponsorship except it would be more genuine and would not in any way take away from how followers may think of my blog. Services like Netflix could perhaps give me a discounted membership. Film companies could send “indie” movies to me and I would watch them and review with my honest opinion.

Both of these options would be perfect for my blog and it wouldn’t take away credibility or the integrity of my blog because my blog is very easy-going and there is no formula. I watch whatever interests me and I state my honest opinion. Occasionally, I’ll watch something that others recommend or something that catches my attention but there is nothing that I wouldn’t necessarily watch except for things in the horror/gore category. I would even watch thrillers. Readers of my blog wouldn’t suddenly feel cheated or annoyed by the advertisements and sponsorships because they would be relevant. I don’t think anyone would think of it as “selling out” or anything like that.

Hyperlocal Blog for Longport, NJ


Longport, New Jersey is a beach town located on the same peninsula just south of Atlantic City. The town is only about 35 blocks wide and only has a few shops. There aren’t any hotels or rental properties in the town, and only a few residents live there year-round.

Who lives there? The town is primarily populated by people for whom this is their second home, or vacation home. Throughout the year only a few people stay there. The town is populated mostly by people who come from the Philadelphia, PA area. A few people are grandparents hailing from Florida, whose children and grandchildren visit them throughout the summer. There are a lot of families, with kids of all ages.

How many people live there? Less than 900 people live in Longport, and that’s in the summer.

What is the community like? The community is very family oriented, and friendly. It’s a town where everyone knows everyone.

What would the blog look like? The blog would act as a source of information throughout the year. At the moment, there is no official way to find out what is going on throughout the town when it is not summer. During Hurricane Sandy we relied on our neighbors to send us pictures of our house and the streets, as new sources didn’t cover our tiny town. We didn’t get any information until after the fact. The blog would primarily focus on things to do throughout the summer, and would feature restaurants and businesses in the surrounding towns of Atlantic City, Margate and Ventnor. It would act as a resource for things like trash collection, babysitters, taxis and reviews and helpful tips. There would also be a classifieds section for things like yard sales, help wanted and anything else.

Impact of Live Blogging

For me, I view live blogging primarily through Twitter, and actually use Twitter to answer questions about events before turning to Google. Twitter is so frequently updated and there are so many users that chances are someone else has the same opinion or question about that crazy moment at the MTV Movie Awards. Since that award show happened last night, I will continue to use that as an example for the pros and cons of live blogging and the impact it has on me and my love for all award shows. I had a lot of homework to do last night, as did my roommates, and we decided that we would be too distracted if the show was on even just in the background, so I “watched” the show through Twitter and Instagram. As it is, I follow MTV and plenty of other celebrity news outlets on both Twitter and Instagram, so I actually didn’t have to put in much effort to know what was happening at each moment. Those publications, such as People Magazine and The E! News Channel, were live blogging the awards, constantly tweeting, posting pictures, and even posting and updating full articles on their websites. All I had to do to know what was going on at the show was to open the Twitter and Instagram Apps on my phone and I had the answer to who won what awards, who was being voted best dressed and why everyone was freaking out about Zac Efron. Thanks to Twitter, someone posted a video of Zac Efron’s shirt being ripped off by Rita Ora almost instantly after it happened so in reality I was only a few seconds behind on seeing that major moment. In this case, and as is the case with almost all award shows, I wasn’t worried about seeing spoilers about the show, because I was never actually going to sit down and watch the whole show afterward, nor do I like to not be in the know about these kinds of things. In addition, I prefer to follow live blogs of award shows. You get the best of the show — there’s the winners, the reactions, the clothing and the best moments — without the commercial breaks and annoying moments you don’t care to see. I also love being able to be a part of the community watching and talking about these awards shows, even if I’m nowhere near a TV.

Social Media

The question of “what is social media”  at the surface seems to be fairly easy, but when being put to the test to give a straight answer it comes to show that social media is difficult to explain.  Techinically, social media are websites where people are able to interact, share pictures, and post statuses that they want but there are many different components of social media.  Social media is utilized for many different things whether its professionally, academically, politically, socially, and the list continues.  Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn were all created for the sole purpose of interaction between users but they are all used very different depending on the individual.  LinkedIn, in particular, is used for professionals in order to share their experience and expertise in their field with other professionals and, even in some cases, employers.  A blog can definitely be considered a type of social media.  Within blogs, users are able to share their ideas and opinions with their readers and in many cases have back and forth conversations through comments.  Unlike social media, blogging is infinite when it comes to how many characters a post can have therefore providing a wider, more open space for users to share whatever it is they have to say.