Yay or Nay for Anonymity?

For me personally, if someone writes on a type of media anonymously, it does not really affect me but if I had to choose between reading something and knowing who wrote it or not, I would prefer reading something by someone who is writing anonymously. I feel this way because for me, with my personal experience of reading things that are written by someone anonymously, usually the material they write about is more relate-able, and therefore I like reading it more. I do not follow any blogs on a consistent basis so I will use a Twitter example. On Twitter, I follow a “sorry not sorry” account. Now this person posts anonymously, I have no idea who made this account or who puts out these tweets. What I like about this account is that this person puts out tweets that have the tone of “everybody is thinking it, but no one wants to say it out loud”. The tweets are also usually funny as well, so I also read it for that aspect. Anyway, for example, one tweet this account put out recently was ” Kinda wanna look good in a bikini kinda wanna eat three burritos from chipotle kinda pissed I have to pick one”. Now this tweet is not that embarrassing but it is still relate-able. This tweet was relate-able for me when I read it because I work out and want to look good for when summer rolls around, but at the same time I am Italian and I really like Italian food haha. This is a thought I might not say out loud in front of my girlfriends because I do not want to be looked at as the girl who does not care about her figure and just cares about food lol What is nice about this account and these tweets is that I can read them and think to myself “aw it’s nice to know someone feels the same way as I do”. I do not have know who they are, it is almost better not knowing. It’s just kind of a silent communication type thing that is reassuring at times. That is how I feel about anonymous writing. People will write about things that everyone is too afraid to talk about out loud, and that is reassuring for people to read because it is helpful to know there are other people out there who might be going through the same thing as you.

I do not like anonymous writing when it comes to people bashing other people through a media. That just is not nice and I think if someone has something to say to someone else, they should have the courage to say it to their face. Other than that, I am all for anonymous writing!

One comment

  1. I like being on a first name basis with the positive feedback but the negative, I’d rather not put a face to it. Sometimes it makes it less constructive of a criticism when you know who it is or know why they are doing it.

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