Monetizing My Blog

Displaying ads on blogs is always a difficult task because as a content creator you do not want to lose followers, but at the same time it is how some bloggers make a living. In my opinion the ads that are most effective are ones that do not distract or interrupt a readers attention. Thus i believe affiliate and donation ads are he best way to go. Affiliate ads will  help promote a product or idea a blogger has that a reader can support or try out. At the same time the blogger can benefit a small percentage from the purchases. Also donations are a very easy way for bloggers to make income, twitch tv is a prime example of how much income a user can generate. In addition donations are based on how much the readers enjoy your work and it shows how loyal your readers are because they are willing to take the extra step in supporting. Another form of income can be ebooks, this form can be attractive because of the exclusivity. A blogger can release work to his or her readers that can only be purchase through ebooks. While this form can generate income for bloggers it is heavily based on your readers and how much they like your work.

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