Month: April 2014

Blogging Networks

I would join a blogging network because of all the new opportunities and people I would meet. Being part of a community that helps one another grow is the best way for a startup blogger to gain exposure and knowledge, whereas if you are riding solo, you would have to experience everything the hard way: learning by trial and error. Trial and error can be time and finically consuming.

I will say however that blogging networks are only as good as the people you have in it. I say this because a blogging network is a community  and if the community is made up of negative, trollish individuals that is the culture you will be joining.

The type of blogging network I see myself joining is a network of vloggers. A place where individuals mesh blogging and vlogging into one. Where not only can you read about what is going on but also watch what is going on. We would collaborate with one another to share new viewers and help each other gain exposure. Furthermore we would give one another tips on how to edit, or what was not appropriate before the content is sent out, sort of a rough draft phase.

Monetizing My Blog

Displaying ads on blogs is always a difficult task because as a content creator you do not want to lose followers, but at the same time it is how some bloggers make a living. In my opinion the ads that are most effective are ones that do not distract or interrupt a readers attention. Thus i believe affiliate and donation ads are he best way to go. Affiliate ads will  help promote a product or idea a blogger has that a reader can support or try out. At the same time the blogger can benefit a small percentage from the purchases. Also donations are a very easy way for bloggers to make income, twitch tv is a prime example of how much income a user can generate. In addition donations are based on how much the readers enjoy your work and it shows how loyal your readers are because they are willing to take the extra step in supporting. Another form of income can be ebooks, this form can be attractive because of the exclusivity. A blogger can release work to his or her readers that can only be purchase through ebooks. While this form can generate income for bloggers it is heavily based on your readers and how much they like your work.

You Need A Blog, Now

Dear Mr./Mrs. Prez,

I’ve been working here for a whole week, and I just realized that our wonderful company, Clothing Inc.,  has neglected to employ any form of social media interaction with our intended consumers. I thought I would bring this to your attention because I think that your company can benefit from an increased social presence in various different areas of the interwebz. As you know,  I posess a degree in Something Amazing, and I believe that with my extensive skills learned in the Creative Blogging field, I can help lead this company towards a brighter and more profitable future.

  1. Create a self-hosted blog, that presents our latest products to give and recieve feedback.
  2. Use Google Analytics or similar  sites to search and review tags and post content that help raise our presence and position on various different Search Engines
  3. Using various demographic information, you can target other websites which would display your advertisements and promote your content.

If examples are needed to drive home the sheer importance of the need for a social presence, you must look no further than companies like Nike or L.L. Bean, or Ralph Lauren. Each of these companies employs multiple blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and advertisements, to create a steady stream of revenue, which can then be sunk back into the company.

Another form of social media that would work well in conjunction with the blog is a company Facebook page, Twitter account etc. Through this form of presence you can not only reach a much larger audience, but in conjunction with analytics engines, you can find out more about your customer base; their likes and dislikes, and then tailor future products that you feel will be relevant to the consumer.

Through this you can also get out public endorsements quicker.  You can feature models and post biographies of them to connect your readers a little bit more. Giveaways and coupons will also work well. Consumers are moving to the internet in droves to find their future products, and are consistently turning to blogs for more information on those products.

You’ll need to hire a team to complete all this work, but I think I’d be perfect for the job.

Yours Truly,

Michael, Pat, Shadman

Advise for a physician

Dear Doctor,

We realize that you wish to promote your novel weight loss program and you had trouble marketing your service. As an independence physician with her own private practice, you definitely have the network to kick start this project. The weight loss program you are trying to promote is The Bean Plan, and its principles are centered on balance, nutrition and exercise. However, you do need to establish a blog for the project and have a stronger social media presence. Here is what we advise:

  • Establish your own blog
  1. Own domain name (preferable .com)
  2. Images, text, and videos.
  3. Regular posts (1/2 per week)
  4. Categorize your subjects
  5. Have a regular and specific posting schedule
  6. Check google analytics
  7. Consider opening an account with SEM rush for keyword optimization
  8. Category for guest post
  9. Page for testimonials (progress page)
  10. With a larger audience, consider monetizing
  11. Partnership with supplement/ diet companies
  • Social Media presence
  1. Use instagram, twitter, and facebook
  2. Pinterest
  3. YouTube
  4. Occasional give away
  5. Hire someone to handle all comments/ feedback



Employee Proposal

Employee Proposal

Angie, Jill, Kim


– Twitter

You could update coupons, discounts, current promotions, new arrivals.


It would provide information about the company, information about the employees including photos, also photos of models in the clothes


The blog can give examples of different ways to wear the clothes or put together outfits, also can give styling advice (what not to wear).

New arrivals, different collections depending on season


Provides pictures of recent events or models in clothes

Also ‘give aways’


These types of social media could help gain exposure for the company and brand. Using these forms of social media could show my experience with social media and my own personal accounts.

Business Proposal

Industry: small, up and coming publishing company, with only a handful of best sellers so far.


Dear Boss,

People like to read specific genres nowadays and join blogging communities to discuss the books they’ve read and what they thought about it. It would be in our best interest to create a blog for our company that could advertise the different books that we have available for the public.

For one thing, we can highlight certain books that have not really been selling in order to get them to sell. We can do this by seeing how the best sellers that we have compare to the other non-selling books in plot and characters, and advertise them together.

Also, by getting more popularity, we can encourage other authors to want to publish with us. At the same time, by getting a name for ourselves out there, more people would want to work for us.

Not only would it be beneficial to us to have our own blog, but could then have a social presence on other blogs. This would help us get more readership and business if we feature on blogs that are often read and visited.

While it may take a bit more work to maintain a blog and a presence in the blogosphere, the potential revenue that would increase is priceless.


Blog for Startup

FOOD INDUSTRY – New Restaurant in New Jersey


Benefits of Having a Blog

* Alternative outlet for information about products/food being sold

– ex: Nutrition information

* Creative outlet for employees

– can share favorite foods, recipes, etc.

* Display promotional events in more depth

* Behind the scenes things

* Inspiration posts for at-home recipes/events

* Connect with customers on a more personal level

* Provide a more personal voice for the restaurant

* Get-to-know you posts

– Promote the staff/employees and who they are

* Place for collaboration with other companies

* Good way to generate interest from readers/customers

– Could feature customers of the month, guest bloggers

* Self-promotion

– Awards, Contests, Competitions


Monetizing my blog

There are many ways a person could monetize their blog to create another source of income for themselves. However, if the choice was left up to for me to decide to monetize, my current blog it would definitely be through the use of advertising on my blog. Monetizing is the act of converting or establishing an asset into legal tender such as money. Through the use of advertisements my blog would be able to create a source of revenue by the amount of visitors that are visiting my blog. I would either go out and find businesses to sell space for their advertisements on my blog or I could find Google to help me find businesses. In this sense, by outsourcing to find businesses for my blog, Google is considered to be a broker in this situation. I still would be receiving an income form the advertisements on my blog page but Google would receive a percentage of it when each page is visited. Google makes things easier for bloggers because they are able to connect businesses who want to place advertisements on blogs and bloggers who want to create an extra source of revenue in their lives by adding advertisements to their blogs.

The way I would be able to generate money by adding advertisements is the how many times people will view my blog throughout the day. Based on that amount of views will be based on how much money I receive from the businesses who placed their ads on my blog. For example, uses advertisements as their main source of revenue for the blog. Since the blog is really popular in the sports world, many people tend to view the site at all times during the day around the country. The show the demographics of the viewers who visit the website and how much they charge for the placement of ads on their blog. This is a really cool way to attract businesses to pay to place their ads on the blog. This would be a great way for me to monetize my blog, considering my blog is about sports.

Monetizing My Blog

I looked into monetizing blogs a while back when we started class. I had seen the use of E-Book downloads on many other blogs with similar intent and content. I knew that eventually I’d love to be able to do something like that so I started breaking my posts into specific parts. I have three different topics that are ongoing series of posts, which I will eventually combine and try to sell for a low price. Something around the .50 cent range. Seeing as the content has already been generated, it will take little time to compose the final product.

I’ve already begun building an online presence for myself as a blogger. Through Facebook and Twitter and various other platforms I’ve started commenting and sharing my information in hopes of being remembered. This will directly correlate into spikes in readership. I have already seen an ever increasing volume of page views since pushing myself out there. After this has grown a little further, and I have a few more posts under my belt, I am planning to approach Scrivener, the company which designs the program I use when I write, to see if we can work out some sort of sponsorship or partnership. I want to work on a series of how to guides for using the program that take a slightly different approach than many others are using. While there are a lot of tutorials out there, I think I might have a fighting chance of a deal. THere are a few other programs which I use slightly less than Scrivener, but which I could do a fantastic series on. They have smaller followings which translates to less income, but ate more likely to strike a deal with me as an upcoming blogger and writer who faithfully uses their programs.

I don’t think that pay-per-click or impression models of advertising would be good for my blog. While I’m sure I could make a few dollars on them, I don’t like the idea of not knowing what is being promoted on my page. I am also not a fan of advertisements at all, so if I can avoid forcing my readers to see them, I will. Don’t want to be scaring anyone away.

The idea of sponsored tweets is interesting, but I think it comes with a certain stigma that can be damaging to the way your audience views you. Given the unpredicatbility of any group of internet consumers, it doesn’t seem wise to push myself out there in that manner.

In the end, I think the hardest part will just be getting to the point where the influx of viewers is substantial on a daily basis to where any of these advertisements might generate an income that is worth the effort.

Monetizing My Blog

Personally I think that if I were going to monetize my blog at this point and time, I would probably try corporate sponsorships and partnerships. I think that would probably the only way that I would see any revenue at all.  Donations, affiliate adds, and selling products and e-books have more focused niches for much more experienced bloggers; I don’t have a product I’m selling, I’m just trying to help out the food allergy community with some new recipes. 

For food, I think that corporate sponsorship and partnerships is probably the best considering I’m creating new recipes with various ingredients. I use allergy-friendly products like Daiya, Seeds of Change, and Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread which are all trying to spread into larger food chains and reach a larger demographic. Even now I embed links to their websites to view their various products right now; I think it would actually be a great partnership! I think later down the line guest blogging and selling e-cook books might be effective, but as of right now I want my readers to be able to use these specialty food products because they allowed me to eat normally again. I’d like for them to be able to do that as well