Month: March 2014

Social Media

Social media is a means of interacting with others by creating, sharing or exchanging information with others in virtual web-based communities. There are many forms of social media in today’s society, and all sources serve to connect individuals around the globe. In fact, it is almost expected that individuals must be participating in at least one form of social media. For example, when two people meet for the first time, one of the first things they do in order to get to know one another better is to add each other on Facebook. Thus, it is assumed that almost everyone has a Facebook account, which is a widely-used source of social media.

However, there are many other forms of social media besides social networking sites. There exist collaborative projects such as Wikipedia, a web-site that allows anyone to edit and publish information on an online encyclopedia. Blogs and microblogs such as Twitter exist to share information with the public on a relatively large scale. Social news networking sites such as Digg and Leakernet contain user-generated information that connects readers and writers via similar interests in news. Content communities such as YouTube and Daily allow users to share and publish videos online. Social networking sites such as Facebook allow individuals to chat and get to know one another online. Virtual game-worlds such as World of Warcraft allow gamers to come together on an online gaming community. Lastly, virtual social worlds such as Sims allow individuals to recreate a fantasy world where they can interact with others as virtual individuals.

In short, social media has certainly taken a hold in today’s society, and continues to gain momentum as more and more individuals participate in one form of social media or another. Even if individuals refrain from actively participating in any social media, they have most likely inadvertently come across the various form of media. In the modern world, it is likely that nearly everyone has been exposed to Facebook, YouTube or Wikipedia at some point in their lives. Thus, the reach of social media is far and it is only a matter of time before the entire world begins to participate in this global network of communication. The internet has truly paved the way for globalization.

Mike and Crysta’s Startup: Computer Repair

Our startup business is a quick computer repair affiliated with the University you attend. We would have a little room or stand at the university, but we could also come to your home or dorm to service your laptop for you.  Our target audience would be students and faculty who have issues with their laptops.  We would hope to promote on the university website, but we would also have our own Facebook page.  On this page we would give daily tips on how to care for your laptop. We also know that sometimes it’s uncomfortable to have someone come in and work on your system, so on our Facebook page we would write little blurbs about our technicians. They will update you on what they’re working on currently.

We would mostly utilize the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. On Youtube we would post How-To tutorials on how to make minor fixes to your laptop so you wouldn’t necessarily have to come in to get help.  We would link some of these to Twitter and on the Twitter page we would have both our Youtube channel and our Facebook affiliations. It’s important to our business to use these outlets because students are more likely to use the Internet than to pick up a flyer in the campus center.

Our Social Media Policy would be:

  • Act responsibly and ethically.
  •  Protect yourself: don’t share too much about your personal life.
  • Make sure people know that these are your opinions and that some people may have various opinions on how to handle similar issues.
  • At the same time, though, be personable!
  • Correct incorrect information on any social media sites in a timely manner.

Do Not:

  • Don’t release financial or operational information including strategies, etc.
  • Do not share legal information.
  • Don’t talk about something you’ve learned at work.

Looking for a highly motivated individual passionate about computer repair and technology. They must be savvy with multiple social media outlets and use them to generate traffic for the company as well as blog about new and upcoming products for the buyers. Knowledge of blogging and community outreach is a must.

We uses the job description from this website as a kind of model for our job description for the Social Media Manager position.


Angie’s List Wedding Planning

Angelina, Kim, Pat

Our wedding planning business, Angie’s List, would be selling our planning services to help organize and plan the perfect wedding. We plan weddings all year round and can accommodate to almost any location. We can help our clients find the perfect location and décor. It is our job to make sure the wedding runs smoothly. Also , we are open to answer any questions that potential clients may have about our wedding experience.

Our goals for social media are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and blogging.

On Facebook we would promote everything that our business has to offer such as venues, photographers, planners, florists, bakeries, DJ and band/musicians, décor, etc. Facebook can also have an option for rating the business where people can give their overall review and leave comments about their experience.

We could use Instagram by showing photos of the previous or current weddings. It can show prospective clients what they can expect. Pinterest can be used to show ideas for weddings that can be used to at the weddings we plan. This can promote the business and put the name out there. Twitter can give live updates of current weddings being planned and ideas. The blog would be specific to the company and include links to all the other social media sites that the business is using to attract people.  It would also include ideas and inspiration from other businesses on the page. That way the people interested in hiring us to plan their wedding would see all the companies they could use to complete each detail of their wedding. The blog can also include lots of photos of previous weddings so that they know what to expect.

Social Media Policies: All employees must be following all social media for constant updates about the company. This ensures that all employees are up to date on current knowledge in case of any questions or concerns for any current or future clients. Although Angie’s List encourages employees to exercise the right of freedom of speech, employees are not given the right to attack any individuals that currently work for the company. Threats of physical and verbal abuse will not be tolerated, since it does not fall on line with the company’s values. No employee should defame the company in any way during employment. Employees must not slander any of the businesses that Angie’s List works with or is in a partnership with. Angie’s List wants to promote a safe work environment and any violations of the social media policy can lead to suspension and/or termination of employment.


Job Opportunity- Social Media Manager

Minimum 3 years of experience in social media marketing in any type of market

Flexible Hours

Proven experience with all forms of social media consisting of but not limiting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and being able to understand how to implement the company’s strategy of attracting new clients.

Must have the ability to work with tight deadlines.

Must be able to work within the organization for various of team projects.

Strong management skills, excellent oral and written communication skills.

At least a B.A or B.S. in Marketing, Communications, Media or related Fields is not a required, but preferred.

Interest or experience in weddings/event planning would be a plus.

Startup: Book Binds and Dine the bookstore

Our business is a small bookstore that also caters to our customers’ interests in all aspects of culture–from wine and food to theater and music. In order to compete with Amazon, we will have many events for our customers to get them to come inside the shop. We will also emphasize the importance of supporting your local community’s businesses and authors. Examples of events will include wine tastings, movie screenings, book readings/local authors, taste testing of local food shops. Also we will participate in community service events like book/food drives.


  • creating event pages to promote cultural events at the store.
  • since many customers are probably older and not that familiar with more obscure social media, we will really focus on Facebook
  • polls to reach out to customers and determine what they would like to see more of at their book store


  • info on new releases
  • appealing to younger people to get the latest updates on what’s available at the bookstore
  • broke college student lending library–updates on what books are available at the store for students to borrow


  • book reviews/promote the best books
  • pictures of events
  • reposting other cool stuff to appeal to audience–motivationals, author news, etc.

Social Media Policy

Since we’re a small, community oriented business, we imagine that our retail-level employees already have some presence within the community outside of the business. While we encourage them to be smart and safe on the internet, we’re not too concerned with what our employees do on their personal social media accounts so long as they’re not doing or promoting anything illegal or misrepresenting our business in any shape or form. We will only interfere with our employees’ online activities if they somehow interfere with our normal business routine.

For those who are in charge of our social media presence, we require that they be respectful of the diverse backgrounds of our customers, not overly opinionated, maintain decorum, and adhere to the spirit of the bookstore.

Stocking Stuffer

Our business would be “Stocking” Have you ever had to get a gift for a family or friend but didn’t feel like dealing with shopping with the holiday crowds?  With you can do all of your holiday shopping with the click on a button right form your home.  Put together different packages for different holidays, and customize what you want in your package. For example, a Christmas package, or an Easter package that comes with different candy and other Easter things of that nature.  Our goals with social media will be for people to hopefully be able to recognize our brand.  The social media platforms that would be most helpful would most likely be ones that are heavily picture based such as Pintrest and Instagram.  Also, I feel like an respectable business would have a Facebook and a Twitter so those would be other social media platforms we would use.  We can use pictures of our current products, let people know what it is exactly they’re buying.  Also, we can remind people of any holidays that are upcoming so they can get their package.  Something like twitter we could be able to post every day about which day it is just in case it’s someones birthday and offer a promotion for that day.  A simple way to get great gifts for friends or family, almost like amazon, but strictly based on holidays.

Social Media Policy:

  • Do not force a sale by denigrating or insulting someone not purchasing a product or celebrating a holiday
  • No cursing or vulgar language
  • No inappropriate imagery
  • Respect individuals rights, do not harass customers or employees physical or psychologically
  • Respect copyright laws, do not use or steal intellectual properties of others or the companies
  • Do not do anything that can harm the company image
  • Do not post false information
  • Do not disclose private company information
  • Do not give discounts without proper cause or proper documentation
  • Always be prompt
  • Always be available
  • Always be reliable
  • Always display a positive attitude
  • Strive to be better
  • Strive to innovate



Social Media is the language of the modern century and we need help from you to run our social media campaign for our company!  Someone that shares the same vision as us, who is willing to help people get the things that they need in a reasonable time for a reasonable price.  We don’t need help running the business aspects of Stocking Stuffer, but we do need to get our name out via the world of Social Media and that is where  you come in!

Job Description:

  • Monitoring trends in social media, tools and applications.  Regularly feedback insights to develop and evolve strategies.
  • Be versatile in the fields of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram and be ready to learn other social media platforms upon request.
  • Be able to teach the skills you know about social media to a team or business partner
  • Be well organized to keep track of upcoming holidays and social plans that are widely celebrated
  • Be able to communicate well with people and start relationships with new people
  • Be able to lead a team of social media developers underneath you
  • Demonstrate ability to work in a highly concentrated work environment
  • Collaboration skills

We’ll run the business, help us run our networks.

Annotated Bib 6

Gunelius, Susan. “Blog Advertising Overview.” Blogging., n.d. Web. 31 Mar. 2014.

Since I state in my thesis that bloggers are able to generate money through blogging, most often by advertising, I found a site that lays out specifically how bloggers can be paid for this. If someone has a very popular blog, advertisers want their advertisements up on that blog so many people come across it. For example there is a method called “pay-per-click”, which means the blogger gets paid for every time their advertisement gets clicked on from the original bloggers page. This is one of the many methods that bloggers can get paid for, the website lists a bunch of ways of how advertising ties into bloggers making money, making this a perfect site for my paper. Basically the more attention the advertisement company gets, the more money the blogger makes. I will be using a few of these methods in my paper to help prove my thesis.

Annotated Bib 5

Cecilyk. “10 Years In Social Media, and Blogging Has Changed.” Babble RSS. Babble by Disney, 30 Mar. 2014. Web. 31 Mar. 2014.

This site that I found talks about how much better blogging has become because of social media. In my thesis I state how blogs gain exposure and how that usually happens through social media sites and this website backs me up on that. The author talks about the difference from a post she made about blogging in 2004 to the changes it has made up until now. Social media also made it more comfortable to post because they created more outlets for the readers. A quote that I will be using in my paper is, “They not only offered new options, they offered completely customized options that made it easy to pick and choose the content they liked and take it into their own (online) backyards to comment and curate as they saw fit” (Cecilyk). This was a great article to find and use in my paper to back up my statement about social media being blogging’s exposure.

What Is Social Media?

Social media are  places where individuals can freely curate content that they have interest in. Social media content can be many things, it can be as broad as fashion to as specific as the creator’s daily life. Furthermore, social media can be used for many purposes; it can be used for personal use as a hobby, to stay update to, or it can be used to inform others on a topic they have expertise in. It can also be used to voice one’s opinions on a topic.Blogs are interrelated with social media because they both serve a purpose of interacting. Blogs can be seen as a more public personal journal if desired. Creators can get information out that attracts the right people, anyone can see it can if they are interested they can subscribe or follow and spread the world. A blog can go viral like anything in social media, but it is hard to say when and how, the important thing is it has the potential to be. Blogs can also become a source of revenue for some people, blogging is becoming more and more popular. In today’s world everyone is online looking for content, a blog is unique because it can be opinionated, it does not have the restrictions of hard facts although some may have hard facts, but a blog goes a step further to voice their own opinions. Blogs can used to connect viewers, it gives readers a sense of connection and realness that a news site or report can not.


Social Media

I think that social media is a way for people to communicate with others on the web. It can be a way of communicating with family, friends, or even a way to follow celebrities and see what is going on in their life.Social media is a great way to keep in touch with others or to just see what others are doing everyday.

Although social media is a great way to communicate and be constantly updated on people’s lives through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., it can also have some negative effects. I recently wrote a paper for one of my other classes explaining how social media can cause depression. Some people have a hard time constantly being updated on the events in others lives. They use social media to compare their life with others. I was able to survey some of the other students in my class and find out what they thought. I found that people usually are bitter about seeing updates on their timeline when others are on vacation or somewhere tropical. I also found that people are jealous of seeing relationship photos on their timeline. I think social media is really just a way of socializing and posting updates about yourself so that you can appear in a way that you want others to see you. It is much different from socializing in person because you can select certain things you want to say about yourself. For example, people may see a vacation picture you posted in the Bahamas of a perfect day and think you are having an amazing time, but what they don’t know is that it rained all the other days you were there and you were fighting with your mom the whole trip. Everyone defines social media differently, but I think everyone can agree that it is just a way for people to share things about themselves, ideas, or to communicate with others.

I also think that a blog is a form of social media as well. It is a place for people to post their opinions or ideas on a specific topic and allows for others to comment on these ideas and give their ideas. Blogging creates socializing on the web in a different way than other social media. It is more informative and more about sharing ideas rather than personal information or photos.

Social media and blogging are also both ways that businesses are able to promote their brand or company.

What is social media?

Social media is a platform where you can casually share information instantly with your friends or the public.  Examples of social media include Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  On social media, you can not only share information but also video, pictures, and music.  Furthermore, on social media users can interact with each other.  Users can do this by liking a status or picture. Other ways include leaving comments.  Social media can be used for multiple purposes, such as networking, informing the public, or just venting your opinion on a certain topic.  Some corporate companies use social media to increase business through advertisements.  Moreover, social media can be used for statistical purposes.  You can see what is trending or what most people are talking about during a specific period of time.  I believe blogs can be considered social media because it is also a vehicle for communication.  The blogger can share whatever information they wish and readers can leave comments and share information as well.  Furthermore, blogging is a great way to gain popularity and open new opportunities.