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Work in the Electric Age

In his essay “The Typewriter: Into the Age of the Iron Whim,” Marshall Mc Luhan writes:

The mere interrelating of people by selected information is now the principal source of wealth in the electric age. In the preceding mechanical age, work had not been like that at all. Work had meant the processing of various materials by assembly-line fragmentation of operations and hierarchically delegated authority.

First of all, what does he mean? Second of all, what would Mashall McLuhan say is the “principal source of wealth” in the digital age? Remember, McLuhan was writing in the mid-60s. Please comment your thoughts.

Adjusting Your Blogging Based on Your Knowledge of Technology

  • As you gain more knowledge of the platform, you can do more things like comment blacklisting, organizing, adding more pages. Exploring the website.
  • Integrate your blog with social media services
  • Outsource. Pay someone who knows how to do it.
  • Advanced – make your own domain name
  • Searching for and following popular blogs and using them as inspiration.
  • Research if you have the time. If you Google every question, you can usually find the answer.
  • Create your own original multimedia content instead of using other people’s content
  • Instead of paying for the professional versions of software like Adobe, find alternatives

Best and Worst Practices in Commenting

Best Practices

  • Genuine
  • Proper English, fully formed sentences
  • Relevant to what has been posted
  • Provide insight, clarify, constructive criticism/being helpful
  • Not too lengthy, more than a paragraph

Worst Practices

  • Argument in comments
  • Unnecessary vulgar language
  • Self promotion
  • Irrelevance/going off topic
  • Trolls – people who want to just get you angry
  • Inappropriate user name
  • When someone hasn’t read the entire post

What Is a Blog?

A blog is a place where a person can express themselves and share their interests with others who have the same interest as them. – Carla

To me, a blog is any digital space in which the author expresses themself. Blogs are digital journals, a place where you can write, draw, storyboard, imagine, etc. – Skylar

Maybe, a blog is a space where someone can share for better or for worse their immediate interests, feelings, or knowledge. I feel like this is more of a broadened perspective that can fit many different aspects of blogs. – Roxy

A blog is many things, depending on the author/contributor. For some, a blog is a shareable journal of sorts. A place where they can put down their personal ideas/thoughts and share them with any group of people they desire, sometimes for feedback and other times just to get it out of their head. For others, a blog is an easy and direct way to dispense factual information on any topic imaginable. – Michael

In my own words, a blog is a certain type of webpage that is a collection of a person’s thoughts, feelings, and interests that a person wants to be able to share with the world. – Pat

To me, a blog is an online social platform where you can post entries to about any particular topic. It is meant for other people to read and comment on, sort of like a journal or a diary that you would not mind other people reading. – Ekta

Like a piece of painting or a song, blogging can be a form of art. I believe a good blog requires creativity and innovation. Blogs are not written in a formal way, bloggers may develop their own unique voice in their posts. – Kim

Blogs are very subjective; they rely on their creators to do what they will with them. They are the ultimate form of freedom of expression that you can do really productive things with. – Crysta

In my own words I would describe a blog as sort of a journal in a way. You write down about your hobbies or something specifically like one hobby that interests you. You do research on the topic or maybe you already know a lot about this topic and it is something that you yourself actively participate in, and write about it but instead of a journal that is kept secret and just for your own eyes you are putting it on the internet for other people to read. – Ricky

…a blog is a website where a person can express their opinions and share information on a specific topic through pictures, videos and words open to the public to view. – Jillian

Blogs are like op-eds in that they’re personal and subjective; they can document pretty much whatever a blogger wants, from personal experiences to instruction manuals to responses to current events. They are also interactive because they usually utilize other media (videos, music, etc), links, and comment sections to expand on ideas and invoke discussion. – Kristen

I think a blog is a means of recording life. I don’t want to use the word diary but when I think of a blog, I think of a log that updates about whatever subject the author chose. It could update daily, weekly, or monthly but a professional one would most likely be consistent and frequent with their updates. – Emma