Monetizing My Blog

As we discussed in class, there are a variety of ways to generate income from our personal blogs.  Since we are putting so much time creating and writing content, it would be nice to generate a little bit of income from it.  By implementing a few of the monetizing strategies we learned, it is possible to generate revenue from our blogs without annoying the readers away or jeopardizing the blog’s integrity.

One monetizing strategy I would use is the e-book.  Since my blog focuses on food reviews and recipes, I can either make a recipe book or a cook with a list and description of all the food product reviews I’ve done.  I know that one usually makes less then a dollar per book sold, but it seems to add up in the end.

Another way I would monetize my blog is by simply asking for pay pal donations. I wouldn’t be obnoxious about it. I would just inform my reader at the bottom of my blog asking if they enjoy my blog, I would appreciate donations.  Also, pay pal donations allows readers to choose how much they would like to donate.

In addition, I would not mind putting one ad along the side bar.  I would seek Google’s help to find advertisements that is relevant to my blog.  Finding ads through Google will save me time.  Moreover, having pay-per-impression I believe will help me generate more revenue than pay-per-click.  For pay-per-impression, I will be getting money from readers just loading my blog page with the ad.

Corporate sponsorship or partnership seems like something I would like to look into as well to monetize my blog.  With corporate sponsorship, I would be able to review new food products sent to me for free usually.  I also really liked the video How Sweet It is for Dellalo foods.  The blogger was able to incorporate her own creativity and voice, while partnering with the products of another company.

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