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This first thing I noticed and found interesting, is that this article about live blogging, takes place in a live blog. You can see there is a header with the title “Greenslade Blog” above the beginning of the article. This blog is written by and updated by Roy Greenslade, a professor at City University in London. He teaches journalism there and was an editor for the Daily Mirror from 1990-1991. His blog is a live news blog. I found this interesting because it’s cool we are receiving the inside scoop on live blogging from a live blogger. Just a side note 🙂


The Positives and Negatives of Live Blogging

What are the positives of live blogging?

– For starters, live blogs are getting 300% more views and 233% more visitors than conventional online articles on the same subject. They are getting more attention and are more popular for internet users and news lovers.

– Greenslade also points out, that based on the study, live blogs provide commentary and analysis alongside breaking news rather than summarizing the event after it is over. Live blogs make news more interesting. People do not want just the straight facts of an event, that is boring. Adding in some commentary and analysis makes news articles more interesting for people to read.

– This study also points out that readers prefer live blogs because they are more objective. It’s more conversational, and feels more real, not like a script people are reading off.

– It is convenient! People are following a news story from beginning to end, on a single page without having to leave their computer screen.

-Live updates are quick! The study found that publishing updates take every 20 minutes for six hours straight.

– They are likely to include readers’ tweets  as opposed to comments at the bottom. I think this is really smart. Social media is really popular, so to incorporate that into live blogging probably helps make live blogs more popular and like-able for readers.

What are the negatives of live blogging?

– One of the study conductors from City University, Dr. Neil Thurman, is quoted making the following  statement on live blogging: “Live blogs provide this ‘news-at-work’ audience with what they’re looking for: regular follow-up information on breaking news in ‘bite-sized nuggets’ which they can read – as several readers told us – while they are supposed to be working.” The bit that made a point of live blogging being potentially negative was in the end of this statement, “while they are supposed to be working”. Since live blogs are more popular, are they distracting workers more than usual? Are live blogs blurring the lines between work and leisure? Potentially!

– The fact that there are such quick updates leaves the chance for hasty, and not as thorough or detailed information.

– Being on a computer screen can be bounding. You might not be reporting all the value you could be receiving from reporting on the spot.

Based on this article and study, positives seem to out-weigh the negatives for live blogging! To me, personally, if I were a journalist I would invest my time in creating a live news blog. It seems like a great and fun way to report information, and to get your writing out there in a popular form of media. Or if I was someone who was super interested in live news, I would definitely follow a live blog. Live blogging looks to be great advancement in media, so if you intend to participate make sure to keep up and blog on!

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  1. I really like the idea that live blogging is so much more engaging than traditional news. The fact that live blogging includes headline news as well as analysis and discussion makes it very appealing to many people, as evident by the fact that it gets 300% more views and 233% more visitors.

  2. I like the first positive fact you posted because it shows how much more attention live blogging receives. I did not realize the numbers were so high, but I am not surprised. People love to be kept updated and this is an easy way! Nice response!

  3. I really liked the way you organized this critical response. Reading bulleted points seems easier and less overwhelming than a block of words. Also, I liked how you analyzed all the positives and negatives about live blogging before coming to a conclusion. It was interesting that you pointed out how live blogging makes it more engaging for the reader. I guess that’s partially what makes it different than traditional news reports. Live blogging is definitely the way to get breaking news nowadays, but it’s up to the reader to make sure the info is credible by looking at other sources.

  4. I like that you broke the articles into easy to read pros and cons. I also like that you pointed out how live blogging may get in the way of work productivity and how computer/phone screens may be limiting to how much information an individual can actually obtain. It’s interesting to note that while the cons may be outnumbered in quantity, they may not be in quality (especially with regard to accuracy)

  5. You started off with an interesting point that I totally missed. I had no clue that the site utilized live blogging. It upped the credibility of the article. The format of your article was also very easy to follow, the good and the bad can be viewed side by side and it makes the comparison of the two subjective views easily decipherable. Great post!

  6. I really like how you organized your response to this article. It made it much easier to read, which is a lot like how live blogging articles are posted as well. I definitely agree with you that the positives outweigh the negatives, and that its a good thing to invest your time in. This is one of the reasons newspapers in print form are dying out!

  7. I really like your response to the article. I loved the pros and cons list presented above. I love the way you wrote about the site and how it uses live blogging. I love the way you set up your article. Great work.

  8. I liked the organization of your critical response. The pro-con list was super effective and got your point across in a nice, structured way.

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