Anonymous blogging


Whether a blogger remains anonymous or not does not affect my status as a reader. I browsed the Internet from article to article and I loved some of them, one thing I noticed was that I never really looked at the author. I believe that blogging is not the same as news. The news is credited to stating facts and getting the details down right to the masses, while blogs are a more personal outlet. I see blogs as more opinionated rather than a source of information I can truly believe in. Thus when I read a blog I am doing it for the enjoyment of someone else’s thoughts and ideas. I try to whole heartedly read their posts unbiased by authorship and status. It comes down to the content, whether it is good or not is the only thing that matters to me.

Furthermore, as an online content creator I can see why some people would choose to remain anonymous. Creating enjoyable content online can lead to a successful career with adoring fans, and sometimes not everyone wants that. Not everyone wants to be swarmed by a group of fans when they are out doing laundry, eating breakfast, or just doing daily activities. Staying anonymous is a form of protection for the creator.

In regards to authenticity from a reader’s perspective, it is a reader’s choice to come to a certain blog. There is no obligation for a blogger to report facts and figures. A blogger’s content can be anything they want as long as it is good content that is engaging and sparks my interest I will read it regardless of anonymity.

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