Critical Response

It is extremely important to know what you are doing when starting a blog. Of course you will learn many things along the way, but it is always good to follow helpful advice and have some guidance when you first begin.

The first article I read, “Guest Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide” by Kerin Foster, explains the importance of following specific steps to successfully guest blogging. She explains how getting your guest post out to the right person is an essential part of guest posting. The first piece of advice she gives is to do your research and take notes when doing so. I think taking notes during this process is extremely critical. The next step to success is to reach out to potential new places to guest post. During this part, it is important to pay attention to your writing before submitting. What I felt was most important from her advice was to proof read before sending an email to get a pitch to guest post. I also liked how she said you should be as close to perfect as you can be with your writing when reaching out to get a pitch. Once you pitch your guest post and get it, you’ve now reached the fun part. You finally have the opportunity to write about what you’re a pro at. All of these tips can help you become successful at guest posting. Before reading this article I didn’t know much about guest posting at all or how to go about doing it. I really found this article to be extremely helpful and I also liked the emphasis on proofreading continuously to avoid any issues throughout the process.

The next article I read, “7 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Collaborative Blog” by PodJamTV. It begins by explaining how challenging it can be to maintain a blog and how there are so many different types of blogs that can be set up. A collaborative blog is explained as a type of blog where you have more than one author contributing content and maintaining the website. It is also explained that this type of blog can be extremely tricky to set up because of the different minds and personalities that will be involved in operating the site. PodJamTV gives 7 helpful tips that they believe are essential ingredients that must be present when starting the building process of a collaborative blog to assure that you choose the right people to work with.  The first tip and probably the most important, is that you all must have the same goals in order to be successful. It is important to all make decisions as a team and to always try and all agree on certain issues related to the blog. Next it is said that you should all have the same level of commitment, which is a great way to show how everyone’s point of views can work together. All members of the collaborative blog should also all have the same level of commitment, because it is extremely important in becoming successful. Another important factor in becoming successful in communication within the collaborative blog, is communication and having a set time for meetings to go over future plans for the blog. The most important factor in being successful is teamwork from all members and making sure that all expectations of the members are set at the beginning to avoid any issues. The last tip given by PodJamTV is to make sure that you are all having fun while contributing and writing for the blog. I think that these tips can be very helpful when creating a collaborative blog and can lead to an extremely successful blog.

Both articles give extremely helpful advice to assure one’s success when trying to accomplish different types of blogging. I also enjoyed how both articles emphasized the importance of having fun during each step of perfecting the posts.



  1. I think you did a good job explaining what each article talked about and I also liked how you gave your personal opinion on them. well done!

  2. Great work! You wrote a well-organized post that covers the main topics of both papers. Before learning about guest blogging, I had assumed that an individual simply had to reach out and offer to help another with a blog by posting a blog post. i saw it more of as a favor for the blogger. However, it is actually considered a privilege to guest post and does require a selection process before an individual can guest blog (i.e. research into relevant topic to post).

  3. Great job! I love that you mention Podjam’s last tip is to “have fun” while posting. This may seem silly but it actually is necessary. The more you enjoy what you are talking about, the better and more enticing your piece will be. It is great, yet light advice!

  4. I didn’t even think about having to essentially pitch your blog to a guest blogger at all. But I guess it makes sense, just because you’re very passionate about your own blog and enjoy that way its run doesn’t necessarily mean another person might. But it would be interesting to see how two different people could collaborate and make something really actually kind of exciting.

  5. This is a well written response! Guest blogging is definitely really important because it can help increase readership. Another expert, in the same field, can bring their knowledge to the table and possibly make your blog more credible. I agree with you on the fact that proofreading is important. Like you mentioned during class, first impression is everything. I’ve been recently been going back to my past posts in my personal blog to edit my writing.

  6. I think your post was really informative and summed up the two articles very well. I think it’s interesting to think of reaching out to someone to guest blog. I would think that people would already have some kind of established relationship so it was surprising that someone would ask for the opportunity to write on someone’s blog. But I guess it makes sense- you’re putting your personal thoughts and opinions onto someone else’s space to express themselves.

  7. Great well written response to our assigned articles. The main points of each reading are listed out in clarity in your summaries and were interesting to read besides each other. I liked how you described the tips for collaborative blogging after stating that it is important to know what we’re doing when blogging in the introduction.

  8. You wrote a very well written response to the assigned readings. I never thought about reaching out to someone I had never had any type of an established relationship with about guest blogging, but I can see that being a really great collaborative process.

  9. I think the second article gave a lot of really helpful ideas when it comes to running a collaborative blog. Some of the things they said may seem a bit obvious but I think the things that are most obvious are the things that we are most likely to forget. Everyone is so eager to create something that sometimes they lose sight of the main goal or the reason they made a collaborative blog in the first place

  10. You did a really good job in summarizing both articles. I never really thought about guest blogging in the way that both authors of the reading had. One thing that really stood out was how you should take notes. Therefore, the information given in both readings were really helpful when talking about guest blogging. Your response took the key points in both and synthesized them in a way that made it easier to comprehend. Thank you for that.

  11. Great job analyzing both of these articles! I never really thought of it this way before, but news blogs, or magazine websites are pretty much collaborative blogs. It’s very easy to see how things could go wrong but the tips you picked out are very helpful.

  12. The tip about guest blogging is especially helpful. I know that’s something I probably wouldn’t have thought of, but it makes sense that exposing your work on other established sites will lead to more traffic for your own personal blog.

  13. I love the way you wrote this article. Guest Blogging is essential for you keep things different on your blog. Great post!

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