6th Annotated Bib

Palis, Courteney. “How Essential is the Internet to the US?” Huffington Post., inc. Mar. 20, 2012. Apr. 6, 2014. <;

This article explains the importance of the internet. It includes infographics, which are probably the most vital information. While it’s not very lengthy, this article is good because it provides links to information expanding on certain facts such as the amount of people that use the internet, the amount of things bought online, etc. The infographics also compare the internet to other industries with regard to the economy and spending money. This is an important article because it establishes the importance of the internet and the online world. It shows that people are moving to the internet for everything. And while the popularity of the internet was already obvious, there are now facts to use. This will set the groundwork in my paper for why any business would benefit from having an online presence and why they should have a blog.

Fave Business and Start-Up Business

Think about some businesses or brands that you admire. Look at their social media presence. Explain how the brand is effective or ineffective with its social media strategy.

I looked at the company, Nintendo. Their social media presence is decent; they have 3 major locations. They have a Facebook, a Twitter, and a Youtube channel. Their Facebook posts regularly about new games, new systems, and promotions/giveaways or sales that may be happening at certain stores. It features pictures of game systems and new screencaps or promotional art for new games. They also provide links for further information on games. Their twitter is just the streamlined version of their facebook; they mostly make announcements and they provide links to everything-videos, pictures, bigger stories, etc. Because Nintendo is aimed at children, these websites are adequate for reaching their parents. However, I think that there is enough of a following in the young adult/teen category and they should expand to include a Tumblr where they can entertain comments and questions as well as get their information out here through the reblog feature of Tumblr. It’s very easy and they would essentially have free marketing and advertising; their followers would spread the word for them. Their Youtube channel is perhaps the most effective as it provides game trailers, tv commercials, reviews, walkthroughs/advice/guides, announcements and news (specifically for their game systems’ software and also their online store accessible through the game systems) and demonstrations of gameplay.

In a small group, think of a start-up business. As a group decide the following things: what product(s) or service(s) will you sell? What will be your goals for social media, and which social media channels will you most utilize? Create a social media policy for employees of the company you created.

My business would be a lounge type restaurant that featured live entertainment, music most of the time with perhaps the occasional comedy/magic acts. Certain nights would have themes and would play a specific type of music. The target audience would be anyone. It would be a BYOB (before 8pm) restaurant so that families would most likely be the main customers but other groups would still want to come once the dinner rush slowed. Perhaps, it would sell any related products from the artists/entertainers.

The business would most likely use all of the major/popular social websites just to make sure it was reaching a sizeable audience: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Facebook would be used to show special events and provide easy information regarding themed nights or the entertainment. It would also showcase a few pictures of special nights and the entertainment provided. The business’s Instagram would mostly feature entertainment and the customers/audience having a good time to entice potential customers. Occasionally, food would also be shown. Tumblr may be a bit redundant but many younger people are drifting away from Facebook and instead turning to Instagram and Tumblr so it’s useful to have all three. The Tumblr would be used mostly like the Facebook page, showcasing a bit of everything but perhaps personal reviews, stories and comments from customers would be posted. The twitter account would really just be used to link to the other accounts and to perhaps the personal accounts of the entertainers featured in the restaurant. Otherwise, tweets would provide quick information such as special events, location, self-promoting messages, and any updates on the restaurant and any affiliates. A websites would be used to answer any questions or concerns except Instagram.

Social Media Policy:

1. Employees on any social media website must not name the restaurant in a status/tweet/post if it is negative, whether it be about the restaurant or it’s customers.

2. Entertainment and regular employees must follow/like the restaurant’s page on Facebook or twitter if they have an account.

3. Entertainment must have a twitter and must tag the restaurant’s twitter when making reference.

4. Any pictures taken in or around the restaurant must acknowledge/reference the restaurant.

5. No explicit language is allowed to be in the same status/tweet/post as the restaurant’s name

6. Advertisement team must have separate accounts from their personal accounts on any social media website

7. Advertisement team accounts must be professional; no personal unrelated stories, no negative stories, no cursing, no irrelevant information.

8. The restaurant’s Twitter and  Tumblr must be updated at least three times a day and Facebook must be updated at least once a day. The Instagram should be updated at least four times a week.

9. The Tumblr should answer questions or post submissions every Tuesday and Thursday; this does not count as an “update” as mentioned in point 8.

10. It is encouraged that employee’s occasionally mention and promote the restaurant (always tagging the restaurant when appropriate) on any social media website they have.

11. If any entertainer who is currently associated with the restaurant is mentioned in a status/tweet/post by an employee, the restaurant must be mentioned as well.

12. If an entertainer’s work is mentioned, it should be mentioned where it is available for sale (the restaurant)

Social Media Manager:

A creative person who is passionate and knowledgeable about music; must also have interest in food. Primarily, this job will include providing information about the bands that our restaurant will be featuring as well as general knowledge about the restaurant’s other services as well as promoting specific events. It should be  focused on marketing and getting the name out there while always looking for more ways to generate interest in our restaurant. Individual should be:

  • responsible
  • organized
  • thorough
  • tech-savvy
  • innovative

Experience in:

  • blogging
  • marketing/advertising
  • experience with web designing
  • music/entertainment
  • networking
  • managing a band
  • event coordinating/planning
  • public relations


To be hospitable and to provide live entertainment and promote local bands. To have a receptive atmosphere for start up bands, to provide food while we are doing it. Quality food and entertainment. The blog would focus on showcasing information on bands, and the types of food we provide while personal reviews, stories and comments from customers would be posted.

Annotated Bib 5

Sugars, Brad. “10 Tips for a Strong Start” Entrepreneur. Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Feb. 10, 2010. Web. Mar. 30, 2014.

10 Tips for a Strong Start is useful because it describes what businesses need to succeed. It is important to know basic things about business before focusing on why businesses should use blogs. This article details small things that all businesses should do. It also gives examples; one of the tips is to focus on sales and marketing and it goes into a little detail on what you should do and why you should do it. By using this article, I can further emphasize the importance of blogging. By learning things that businesses were already doing before blogging and the internet, it will be easier to imagine a business with a blog.

2nd Annotated Bib

Eridon, Corey. “The Benefits of Blogging: Why Businesses Do It, and You Should Too.” Hubspot. Hubspot Inc. Nov 3, 2013. Web. Mar 1, 2014. <>

While this isn’t necessarily an article, I found it very useful because it focused on why businesses might need or benefit from blogging. This article also not only speaks on why blogging helps businesses it but it also offers some advice on how to blog to help. This article points out that businesses can gain more traffic, potential customers, and credibility. First, hee outlines traffic; a business blog can attract people simply by the tagging system. By blogging about things that vaguely have to do with a product or service, they could gain traffic to their blog. Once there is traffic to the blog, these people may share it with others or they may become interested in the blog and eventually become a customer. To attract these people, Eridon suggests putting “call-to-action” buttons and ads on the blog that offer free items. They may give their information to a website to redeem the free item; this allows for a mailing list where a person may be convinced to buy from the business. By blogging and having a seemingly more personable website that where customers can ask questions or make comments about information provided, the website gains more credibility. Customers see information about the item/service as well as feedback and support from the blog makers and they see that the business is interactive and legitimate.