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Employee Proposal

Employee Proposal

Angie, Jill, Kim


– Twitter

You could update coupons, discounts, current promotions, new arrivals.


It would provide information about the company, information about the employees including photos, also photos of models in the clothes


The blog can give examples of different ways to wear the clothes or put together outfits, also can give styling advice (what not to wear).

New arrivals, different collections depending on season


Provides pictures of recent events or models in clothes

Also ‘give aways’


These types of social media could help gain exposure for the company and brand. Using these forms of social media could show my experience with social media and my own personal accounts.

Monetizing Blogs

If I could choose a way to monetize my personal blog it would be by using display ads and advertisements. I feel that this would be extremely beneficial for my wedding blog because it would give viewers the opportunity to get more out of my blog and have actual vendors or companies that they could contact for help during their wedding planning process. Having these ads would also enhance the overall look of my blog and make it look more reputable. I would probably consider using Google Adsense because there are so many vendors and companies that could be used for weddings and I wouldn’t be able to reach out to all of them on my own. This would probably be the best way to advertise on my blog. Also, with the advertisements directly targeted towards the content of my blog, Google would have a lot of advertisements they could select for my blog because so many things can relate to weddings, for example, wedding planners, photographers, venues, caterers, wedding attire, florists, etc.

Another great way to monetize and enhance my blog would be a partnership with a professional wedding photographer. I feel that one thing my blog is truly lacking is professional photography that is much more specific to my posts. With a wedding blog, it is sometimes difficult to find professional photos to post that are not copyrighted. Locating photos for my blog can be somewhat of a struggle at times. A photographer would not only make my life easier, but also benefit the overall look and potential of the blog. Also having a professional photographer could provide me with more recent photos.

Anonymous Blogging

When a blogger remains anonymous it sometimes may affect my reading of the blog. I think it is important for a blogger to not be anonymous because it is easier to connect as a reader with the blogger if I know a little bit about them. When bloggers share more personal posts or an ‘about me’ page, it helps me identify them and see if it is really a blog that I am interested in reading. When the blogger remains anonymous it can be difficult to connect and decide if a specific blog is really something I want to be reading. I’m sure there are some blogs that are anonymous that I have read before and didn’t have an issue with, but I do think I would enjoy it more if I had a better connection with the writer in regards to putting a face to a name or communicating with someone that I recognize from the web. I probably have read many anonymous blogs that I have enjoyed, but if I had the choice I would probably choose one that wasn’t anonymous.  Just as anyone would want to communicate in person, it is just as important to have these factors play a role when communicating on the web.

I also feel that bloggers should have a name and be proud to share their writing and give an ‘about me’ for their readers. Remaining anonymous could make the reader feel as though the writer is hiding something or has things to say that they wouldn’t want to identify with themselves. One thing that I have learned in this class is the importance of making your blog your own and making it unique. If you remain anonymous I don’t see how your blog could reach its full potential of success because it is lacking that personal connection with its readers that one would receive in person. Also, if you remain anonymous it is much harder to separate your blog from all the rest of the blogs on the web with similar topics.

Overall, I think remaining anonymous really isn’t a good way to blog and may only lead to issues. Remaining anonymous, although someone may think is a good way to share a strong opinion about something, can cause a blogger to lose many readers. If you can’t say something and back yourself up that you said it as if you were having the conversation in person, then I think maybe blogging isn’t the best way for you to share your thoughts or ideas.

Live Blogging

The existence of live blogging may change my perception of something I am passionate about because it would be constantly updating me with most recent coverage or news on that topic. It can also change my perception because a lot of times when I read personal live blogs, that person gives their own opinion and thoughts on that topic, which may cause my opinion to be influenced.

For example, I really enjoy watching the reality TV show, Dance Moms. Even more embarrassing , I sometimes I find myself looking online for spoilers and find blogs or Youtube accounts that can give the most recent updates of what is going on in the Dance Moms lives. This is possible because episodes being shown on TV are from weeks prior. People that post spoilers that they find out usually are able to get the information before episodes are aired.  A live blog would impact me because I would feel constantly updated and know ahead of time what was going to happen during the season. Some negatives of live blogging would be that the information or resources that I am getting this information from might not always be correct. Also, when I know what is already going to happen, it takes away from the excitement from the episode because I know the majority of the episode already. 

Recently a lot of people have negative things to say about Dance Moms and the whole cast on the show. I am definitely influenced by the negativity of live bloggers and I am starting to feel similarly because of how much the show has changed from when it first started.  Also similar to music awards, if someone was live blogging about the performances and giving negative feedback, people might also agree with them instead of forming their own opinion.

I personally think that if someone is passionate about a subject or interest, live blogging can become somewhat addictive. News channels are using social media and blogs to try and give viewers as much information as possible and extremely quickly. They know that people always want the most recent coverage, but I think they should be more concerned about having accurate information instead of starting elaborate rumors to get viewers attention.

Blogging Networks

I would definitely consider joining a blogging network if I had a well established blog that I wanted to be promoting. Blogging networks allow guest posters to contribute to the blog and website. The biggest advantage of joining is that you have the opportunity to show off your brand by belonging to an established network with a prestigious reputation. You are able to get exposure of your blog just by being a part of the network. Also, what I find appealing as well, is the fact that there are blog networks for almost anything you may be interested in. If you find one that interests you and feel as though your writing is ready to be put out there, you should definitely consider applying to a blogging network. I could imagine myself fitting into a network related to wedding or event planning. It would be a great way for me to show off my interest and experience with event planning. I would see myself contributing with ideas and photos of event ideas or inspiration. I think it would be a really great experience to grow as a writer and learn from other writers. Also, with the brand behind me, I would be getting a lot of exposure by being a part of the network. It would also be helpful that the blogging network would know how to do the business aspect of it. I think the bloggers within the network would support one another by collaborating their ideas with each other and sharing new information. The best way to become a better writer and blogger is by practicing and also learning from others. With the support from one another and the network, the blogging network will continue to advance and produce posts with ideas from all the members. Similar to the article, “7 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Collaborative Blog”, it is extremely important to work as a team in order to be successful. It is truly important for all members of the network to consistently communicate with each other. Also, it could be a really fun experience to work as a team and make the blog posts even better than if you were working alone.

Critical Response

It is extremely important to know what you are doing when starting a blog. Of course you will learn many things along the way, but it is always good to follow helpful advice and have some guidance when you first begin.

The first article I read, “Guest Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide” by Kerin Foster, explains the importance of following specific steps to successfully guest blogging. She explains how getting your guest post out to the right person is an essential part of guest posting. The first piece of advice she gives is to do your research and take notes when doing so. I think taking notes during this process is extremely critical. The next step to success is to reach out to potential new places to guest post. During this part, it is important to pay attention to your writing before submitting. What I felt was most important from her advice was to proof read before sending an email to get a pitch to guest post. I also liked how she said you should be as close to perfect as you can be with your writing when reaching out to get a pitch. Once you pitch your guest post and get it, you’ve now reached the fun part. You finally have the opportunity to write about what you’re a pro at. All of these tips can help you become successful at guest posting. Before reading this article I didn’t know much about guest posting at all or how to go about doing it. I really found this article to be extremely helpful and I also liked the emphasis on proofreading continuously to avoid any issues throughout the process.

The next article I read, “7 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Collaborative Blog” by PodJamTV. It begins by explaining how challenging it can be to maintain a blog and how there are so many different types of blogs that can be set up. A collaborative blog is explained as a type of blog where you have more than one author contributing content and maintaining the website. It is also explained that this type of blog can be extremely tricky to set up because of the different minds and personalities that will be involved in operating the site. PodJamTV gives 7 helpful tips that they believe are essential ingredients that must be present when starting the building process of a collaborative blog to assure that you choose the right people to work with.  The first tip and probably the most important, is that you all must have the same goals in order to be successful. It is important to all make decisions as a team and to always try and all agree on certain issues related to the blog. Next it is said that you should all have the same level of commitment, which is a great way to show how everyone’s point of views can work together. All members of the collaborative blog should also all have the same level of commitment, because it is extremely important in becoming successful. Another important factor in becoming successful in communication within the collaborative blog, is communication and having a set time for meetings to go over future plans for the blog. The most important factor in being successful is teamwork from all members and making sure that all expectations of the members are set at the beginning to avoid any issues. The last tip given by PodJamTV is to make sure that you are all having fun while contributing and writing for the blog. I think that these tips can be very helpful when creating a collaborative blog and can lead to an extremely successful blog.

Both articles give extremely helpful advice to assure one’s success when trying to accomplish different types of blogging. I also enjoyed how both articles emphasized the importance of having fun during each step of perfecting the posts.


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Angie’s List Wedding Planning

Angelina, Kim, Pat

Our wedding planning business, Angie’s List, would be selling our planning services to help organize and plan the perfect wedding. We plan weddings all year round and can accommodate to almost any location. We can help our clients find the perfect location and décor. It is our job to make sure the wedding runs smoothly. Also , we are open to answer any questions that potential clients may have about our wedding experience.

Our goals for social media are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and blogging.

On Facebook we would promote everything that our business has to offer such as venues, photographers, planners, florists, bakeries, DJ and band/musicians, décor, etc. Facebook can also have an option for rating the business where people can give their overall review and leave comments about their experience.

We could use Instagram by showing photos of the previous or current weddings. It can show prospective clients what they can expect. Pinterest can be used to show ideas for weddings that can be used to at the weddings we plan. This can promote the business and put the name out there. Twitter can give live updates of current weddings being planned and ideas. The blog would be specific to the company and include links to all the other social media sites that the business is using to attract people.  It would also include ideas and inspiration from other businesses on the page. That way the people interested in hiring us to plan their wedding would see all the companies they could use to complete each detail of their wedding. The blog can also include lots of photos of previous weddings so that they know what to expect.

Social Media Policies: All employees must be following all social media for constant updates about the company. This ensures that all employees are up to date on current knowledge in case of any questions or concerns for any current or future clients. Although Angie’s List encourages employees to exercise the right of freedom of speech, employees are not given the right to attack any individuals that currently work for the company. Threats of physical and verbal abuse will not be tolerated, since it does not fall on line with the company’s values. No employee should defame the company in any way during employment. Employees must not slander any of the businesses that Angie’s List works with or is in a partnership with. Angie’s List wants to promote a safe work environment and any violations of the social media policy can lead to suspension and/or termination of employment.


Job Opportunity- Social Media Manager

Minimum 3 years of experience in social media marketing in any type of market

Flexible Hours

Proven experience with all forms of social media consisting of but not limiting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and being able to understand how to implement the company’s strategy of attracting new clients.

Must have the ability to work with tight deadlines.

Must be able to work within the organization for various of team projects.

Strong management skills, excellent oral and written communication skills.

At least a B.A or B.S. in Marketing, Communications, Media or related Fields is not a required, but preferred.

Interest or experience in weddings/event planning would be a plus.

Social Media

I think that social media is a way for people to communicate with others on the web. It can be a way of communicating with family, friends, or even a way to follow celebrities and see what is going on in their life.Social media is a great way to keep in touch with others or to just see what others are doing everyday.

Although social media is a great way to communicate and be constantly updated on people’s lives through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., it can also have some negative effects. I recently wrote a paper for one of my other classes explaining how social media can cause depression. Some people have a hard time constantly being updated on the events in others lives. They use social media to compare their life with others. I was able to survey some of the other students in my class and find out what they thought. I found that people usually are bitter about seeing updates on their timeline when others are on vacation or somewhere tropical. I also found that people are jealous of seeing relationship photos on their timeline. I think social media is really just a way of socializing and posting updates about yourself so that you can appear in a way that you want others to see you. It is much different from socializing in person because you can select certain things you want to say about yourself. For example, people may see a vacation picture you posted in the Bahamas of a perfect day and think you are having an amazing time, but what they don’t know is that it rained all the other days you were there and you were fighting with your mom the whole trip. Everyone defines social media differently, but I think everyone can agree that it is just a way for people to share things about themselves, ideas, or to communicate with others.

I also think that a blog is a form of social media as well. It is a place for people to post their opinions or ideas on a specific topic and allows for others to comment on these ideas and give their ideas. Blogging creates socializing on the web in a different way than other social media. It is more informative and more about sharing ideas rather than personal information or photos.

Social media and blogging are also both ways that businesses are able to promote their brand or company.

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This woman, Joanna, Goddard, explains in her blog how she was able to turn her blog into a career. She talks about everything it took to get there, from being completely broke and to dropping out of law school. It was a slow transition and took a few years before she actually starting making money off if it. Her blog originally started because she broke up with her boyfriend and needed a distraction. Most bloggers who make a career out of it, say it was mostly a hobby that they worked on when they were free, but then eventually turned into something bigger. She also gives advice for people who are looking to grow their blog.