Start-Up: Book Binds and Dine Continued

Social Media Manager:

The focus of our company is to promote book sales and community outreach programs. We support this mainly by using different forms of social media in order to reach a wide audience. We are very invested in maintaining a “small-town” look and feel to the bookstore in a way that makes it feel like it is part of your personal community. We want it to feel homey and familiar. Therefore, our social media platforms should have a similar look and feel to what we represent.

We are looking for somebody who is knowledgable about using different platforms as well as creative enough to bring our message to light. You will need a high amount of experience in web etiquette as well as a fair amount of knowing web design and good writing skills.

We want someone who not only has the experience but also the heart to take our company message seriously as well a dedication to reaching our goals through social media. Responsibilities will include:
Managing and keeping all forms of social media updated
Responsible for making the public aware of upcoming events
Monitoring the traffic coming in and out through social media
Monitoring trends
Optimizing uses of marketing as well as costumer outreach
Being aware of community programs and partners that could help us in the future
Appealing to a demographic of both older and younger people
Keeping tabs on what works versus what doesn’t work
Filtering through comments and answering client needs/questions