Blogs I Love

The blogs I have chosen to focus on today are MoscatoMom, HoseMaster of Wine, and Call Me Cupcake!













The reason I chose these blogs is because they incorporate some of the different aspects of the things I’m going to be talking about in my blog. For example, MoscatoMom tackles easy recipes and happy hour–two of my most favorite things! Her blog is more geared towards a a lifestyle approach. She talks about fitness, eating, crafting, entertainment, and traveling. So while her blog can seem a little bit overwhelming to navigate all at once, she definitely has tabs for everything you’re looking for. One thing I will say is that her above the fold is a bit cluttered, there almost seems to be way too many selections and way too many to get connected on social media. A solution to this might have been to move all her social media icons more towards her footer so that the reader can actually get a feel for her blog before being bombarded by the ever present Facebook button. Shudder. Other than that her blog is really neatly organized and you get to know a lot about Lynsey and her family, who are always prevalent in her posts. She has a search button for her posts, which is great! But sadly, no archive. You have to actually go through page by page to get to a specific month or day which can be a bit tedious is maybe you’re just looking for some fun fall treats. Then again, hopefully the search bar tackles that issue straight on even if you’re not sure what you’re typing for. That would be my only downside to that.

The other blog I took a look at was Call Me Cupcake! Also blog dedicated to food but more specifically desserts. Linda’s blog is really more antique-y looking as compared to MoscatoMom who is all pink and Cosmopolitans. However, it goes along with her personality and writing style. Linda has a strong love for photography and baking which makes the pictures on her blog look absolutely drool-worthy. Seriously, every shot you can practically taste the glaze on the cupcake. Even better though, Linda did have a super easy to navigate archive which made it a pleasure to go back and see exactly how long she’d been running her blog. Unlike MoscatoMom, Linda puts her links to social media at the bottom of the post and instead of linking to a million different sites she simply has a small Facebook button down next to her comments so if one should feel so inclined, they can share. I do wish her font was a little bit bigger in her posts however, her pictures are marvelous and take up the entirety of the screen (which, thank you jesus, means more icing ogling for me) but then her actual posts are severely overshadowed by this itty bitty font. I just wish it was a bit more substantial so I wouldn’t have to zoom in my screen and distort the picture in order to read her post. Her actual formatting is really cute and demure, which doesn’t overshadow the works she’s doing in her actual posts and she even has these little cute cupcakes next to the comment section. Overall, a really pleasing blog to visit and learn from.

The last blog I took a swing at was HoseMaster of Wine which stems from Ron who has quite a few decades of wine-knowledge from which to contribute to this blog. I chose this one because it focuses mostly on wine but in a way that is less about simply taste-testing and more about story-making. For example, Ron talks about his experiences at vineyards and wineries and also talks about some of the literature of wine. Since I talk about literature that incorporates wine, I knew I had to get the details on this site. What I love about Ron’s blog is its straightforwardness. However, his blog is completely dominated by words. Aesthetically its a little overwhelming because there’s nothing being broken up. Its text after text after text. Even in his side bar, which features his prominent about me. I think I would prefer a little bit more of a break up in between his posts so it doesn’t feel like I literally have to read an entire screen to get anywhere.

The Londoner

I used bloglovin to find three blogs to follow. I was a bit confused as to how to use the RSS and which of the many blogs featured on the site to subscribe to. At the end, through some trial and error, I was able to follow three blogs that seemed interesting to me.

I initially chose the blog “The Londoner” to be one of the three blogs I follow on bloglovin. That is because  I have come to  really like London.  Hearing the experiences of people who live there has become a hobby of mine since living there one day is a dream of mine. However, as I really started to read the blogger’s posts, it became quite apparent how quirky and interesting she is. I am quite glad that I chose her blogs to be one that I follow for the semester. Her online personality just seems to jump out of her posts, and she makes her everyday life experiences that seem so mundane more exciting and extremely vibrant.

Additionally, the template and theme of her blog makes it very easy to navigate, especially for someone like myself who is not all that experienced with the way the blogosphere works. The theme is simple in that it shows the titles of her blog posts, a cover photo, a few photos along the edge, and all the important information on the top of the page. To me, it seems that having a simple template and theme seems to be the best route to go if you want more people to appreciate your blog. “The Londoner” seems to work really well because not only is it simple and user friendly, but it goes really well with the type of blog it is.

One thing to note that is good about her blog is how her above the fold has all the important information any of her blog visitors may need to utilize. The header has the title of her blog neatly in the center, and all her links (such as “home”, “categories”, “London”, “shop”, “about”, and “search”) as well as the way to share via social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc are easily accessible in the navigation bar. Moreover, the most recent blog post is the first blog post shown above the fold. The rest of posts are shown as title, picture, and small text to explain what their post will be about.

Her blog also has an archive at the bottom, on the right-hand side. This is very beneficial for people that read her blog because they can go to any month they want and read the posts she had posted in the month chosen. Additionally, she separates her blog into categories which are accessible by clicking on the links in the navigation bar. Having an archive and categorizing the posts made on her blog, the blog overall is very user friendly and accessible.

I cannot wait to see what other posts “The Londoner” has in store as the year goes on.