Nude Media

The Nude Media article has really unveiled something totally new to me even though I did not put much attention to it. It is when a file is stripped of its information or context and is put onto the internet. This is what is called Nude Media. I had no idea that there was something called for this application. Pointing out what the article says, when a piece of artwork or media becomes nude when the written work loses its meaning and the property is somewhat stolen and put onto the internet. The article has pointed out to me that this is a huge problem and the nude media is everywhere more than I thought it was originally. The use of Creative Commons Media is more important to me now than I had originally thought. It is such an important resource and it needs to be used by everyone. This allows you to use the image but only if the author gives your permission to use the media of choice. You do not want to strip the media of it’s content and therefore get in trouble legally because you technically “stole” someone’s original art work. By using Creative Commons Media, you give the author of the media some credibility and recognition of their work.

It amazes me that when you read something online it is in a totally different style when you reblog it or email it to someone. This is a huge difference because the media is supposed to stay the same no matter what. It is not up to anyone to change the author’s work except for the author. You should not be able to distort any part of the media through the digital translation. By using Creative Commons, you are able to use the chosen media but at the author’s discretion. The main goal for an author is to keep the same original work in the same context as it was founded. I know it can be hard to do, but I think that it should not be changed at all for whatever reason.

I know it may not be all possible to stop the style change of an original artwork, but it should be almost as similar as the original artwork. You do not want the artwork to be badly damaged and messy that it does not look good. It should still be in the same formatting and the same layout. Nude media should not be a major threat to bloggers or any other internet user. If people will use Creative Commons Media as a resource, then everything should fall in line. The main goal is to not rip off someone else’s work that is not ours. So if we use Creative Commons Media, then all the media will not be changed and still stay in the original formatting.