Blogging Network

Would you consider joining a blogging network? If you could imagine a network of blogs where your blog/voice might fit in, what would it be like? And how would the bloggers within that network support one another?

I’m not entirely sure if I would join a blogging network. I imagine if I was very serious about wanting to run a blog that would get a fair amount of traffic I would be more inclined to join one and then hopefully use it as a leg-up to get to where I want to be in terms of viewership. I would imagine my network of blogs as definitely having to do with lifestyle or even books, and obviously wine. It would probably be a network composed of people in a similar age bracket blogging about the same types of things that interest me. I do imagine it as something similar to POPSUGAR Select because a lot of these different topics tend to intersect. Food and wine of course isn’t necessarily gender specific at all, so maybe it wouldn’t be as female oriented as POPSUGAR Select seems to be. However, the vibe of similar lifestyle seems to flow coherently in their network and I really appreciate that aspect of it.

In terms of support I think that just knowing that at the very least you have an audience of other aspiring writers or bloggers being able to follow up on your blog is more than enough incentive to keep going despite thinking that you aren’t reaching any people. Having a hand reaching out to help is never a bad thing, and even if you have one person reading or listening to what you have to say is still a great ego boost. I think we are all placated by knowing that someone somewhere might feel the same way we do about a certain topic. Theres a sense of security and accomplishment in having some camaraderie in whatever aspect of our lives we choose to pursue. I think that definitely carries over in the idea of these blogging networks.