Nude Media

I guess I had never really thought about nude media in the context, or really (if I’m going to be completely honest) at all.  It’s really interesting to see how an authoritative site such as the New York Times can have its information misused and stripped down to it’s base.  With each manipulation, the article loses more and more authority until it literally becomes a summary.

The short article emphasizes presentation and format and how that correlates with the authenticity of the information you’re presenting.  This is something that I’m not necessarily sure the first thing some bloggers may think about. The way a blogger or a publisher may view their information could be completely different than how it will later be perceived by the general public.  Because of the huge dichotomy between print, e-article, and e-mail friendly versions, there are bound to be discrepancies in not only formatting, but content and the way it is viewed by the intended audience. It’s interesting to think about all of this, because in an age where everyone relies so heavily on media to get our information, it’s becoming more apparent that we have to take into consideration both content and context.

As amateur bloggers, I’m not too sure how nude media could effect us to the same extent as it did the New York Times, but this article has definitely opened my eyes to the issue.