Mayhem in the Kitchen

mayhem-in-the-kitchen_logoOne of the blogs I decided to follow is Mayhem in the Kitchen. I chose this blog initially because above the fold I saw a picture of a pug with cupcakes. Immediately, I knew this would be up my alley as I am both a dog and cupcake-lover. I should specify that I am more so a complete push-over for anything¬†dog or food related. So sue me, I have major weaknesses. Could be worse. Anyway!¬†The header was simple but still descriptive and contained the title “Mayhem in the Kitchen.” Initially I read this as a sort of commentary of the characteristic of who it was that was working in this kitchen and creating a mess. Going on to read the about me, however, I soon realized that Mayhem was in fact the blogger’s dog. A 4-year old adopted pug, too cute for words. The blog doesn’t seem to be hosted by anyone as it ends in the more traditional .com without another server or rather, platform, attached to it. The navigation bar was pretty straight-forward and definitely featured above the fold so it was easy to click through and see the options. Her tags were more towards her footer and I had some trouble finding her archive, I think there was overall much more of a focus on her tags.

The blog is so easy to navigate and the gist of the posts are comprised of a photo detailing the recipe that Leesha will be undertaking that day. She’s a vegetarian so all of her foods cater to that lifestyle and she tends to use organic ingredients for mostly everything she makes. In her about me she details the blog as a site where she will post about super healthy and clean eating but also really delicious not-so-healthy for you treats. Any place that can combine an amazing dessert with a nutritious meal is fine by me and so it was really fun to scroll through and see her different attempts.

What I liked about the recipes is that they’re very straight forward. You can scroll down her blog to see pretty much every recipe she’s tried but you actually click on the picture to jump to the permalink for the recipe. So for example you can pretty much bypass all of her healthy food choices to get right into the desserts. The posts themselves are pretty simple. She will showcase the picture of what the food should look like when its done and then give you a brief synopsis of her own experience making it. Then to replicate it yourself, she has the actual directions and ingredients. That way if you’re feeling particularly creative you’re welcome to try them out or even improvise based on her own mistakes or successes.

Overall, its a very cute little blog. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of regularly scheduled postings but so far all of the recipes have looked great, and easy enough to manage. An archive would definitely be an easier way of navigating, I think, than having to scroll past every month. Though, the tags do help in specifying what you are looking for.

The Skinny Confidential

I came across the “The Skinny Confidential” blog after searching through its platform “Bloglovin.” The header/ theme is what really caught my attention. They were both pink and “girly” and so it made me want to read on further. I soon figured out that this blog was self-hosted by a girl named Lauryn who started the blog a few years ago and it is still successful today. Above the fold their was a cute picture of herself that showed me she was fashionable which strikes a commonality between us. I soon came to realize she blogs about all of my favorite things such as fashion, beauty, hair, fitness, food, etc. In order to get to these links, instead of having them on a sidebar, she has them located horizontally listed across the top of her blog page making it more like a navbar. Although it is not a sidebar, it is still placed in a convenient place with easy access. The links are broken up into the categories listed above.

This blog is very inspiring to me because it is a similar concept to what I would like my blog to be like. I would like to have an index like hers in the sense that it caught my attention immediately and it was obviously geared more towards girls than boys. Lauryn has definitely made her blog unique by basically having a mission statement located also located above the fold stating “start small, think big” in a big triangle. I can relate to this statement because this is my first blogging experience so I do not know much which means I am starting small but one of my goals this semester is to make a successful blog to continue with after the class ends. This thought is me thinking big. So I think the fact that Lauryn has creating a blog that is so relateable is what made her successful. Now I realize some of the things my blog must encompass in order to do well! I really recommend the ladies of this class to check it out. She also has an instagram and twitter to go along with the blog! @theskinnyconfidential

Once I reached the bottom of the page I did notice her footer. Although it does not say her name, it says the blogs name with a copyright C in a circle above it and the years its been on the web. This was interesting to see because it makes it makes Lauryn’s blog more official. Since this blog is so intriguing to me from the front-end, it makes me very curious to what it’s like from her point of view in the back-end. I also like how she reblogs other people’s links to things she finds interesting. Overall in blogs, I like when authors reblog other bloggers. It shows their true interest in blogging and and creates a type of community.

Along with the mission statement I spoke about earlier, she also has an image which represents her and her blog. The symbol is a triangle and this is because they start small at the top and grow bigger at the base which is exactly what her MS is preaching. It is a very witty idea and I appreciate the thought behind it.


After each picture she posts she has tags to go along with them. This is familiar with me already from other social media sites such as instagram that use the same technique. The purpose of this is to receive more reblogs and attention when bloggers visit these tag sites.

Overall I think this was a very sophisticated blog. I enjoyed many things about it and I will definitely be checking it frequently!

About Jill

My name is Jillian Holzheimer and I am an HR major and a Labor Studies minor. I think this class will be very useful for future endeavors. It is a useful to know how to navigate any type of multimedia in this century. The more you know about computers and media, the better.

Overall as my career I aspire to work with a professional sports team. I would definitely prefer the team to be a basketball or football team but I would start with any team that gave me an opportunity. I actually started at Rutgers as a Sports Management Major until I realized their were a lot of math requirements for the major. Unfortunately math is my weakest subject and so I decided to switch to HRM.

I enjoy watching sports, more specifically football and basketball. My favorite teams are the Green Bay Packers and the Celtics. I played basketball in high school and wish I went on to play in college. My favorite player in the NBA is Lebron James and you can get to know more about him with this link

One obsession I have is with penguins. They are my favorite animal and after watching many documentaries on them the coolest thing about them is that they find one mate and love them and stay with them for forever. I admire their love and loyalty as animals.


I work at Harvest Moon Brewery on George Street just a few minutes away from College Ave. I have been a waitress there for about 3 years now and I love it. It is a restaurant as well as a brewery so for those of you who are interested in beer, I highly recommend it (for those who are 21 of course!).