How To Make It As a Fashion Blogger

Lewis, Casey. “How to make it as a fashion blogger.” Teen Vogue. n.d. n. page. Web. 5 Apr. 2014.



This article will be very helpful in writing my paper because it curates a lot of advice from all different types of fashion bloggers. Though it doesn’t go into detail exactly about how to make money as a blogger, it does point out the different in ways in which to better the chances of a blog becoming popular. THose interviewed said that it’s all about the brand, and ultimately the content. In addition, they pointed out that passion is key — just trying to get rich quick, or just make money so you have money to spend on clothes or whatever else won’t end well. It really is a full-time job, but one that requires passion and dedication.

Creative Commons Media

It is important to use Creative Commons Media because it allows bloggers to be sure that they will not encounter with any copyright infringement issues.  CC Media has allowed bloggers to be able to share with their readers whatever they want while also protecting themselves as they share.  The importance that comes with the founding of CCM is that as a digitally-obsessed society, we are always encountering issues with pirating and infringement.  CCM takes away some of the “need” bloggers sometimes may have to pirate certain parts of media that they need for a certain post and it also gives them a wider range of media to work with.  The guidelines of CCM also allow the creator of the media to be prompt to more exposure due to the fact that there is definitely a higher chance for bloggers to use their material and share it with their follower base.  As a creator, a blogger will be able to set up their own guidelines to their original material while still not completely putting hard regulations on it in order for them to receive more exposure from other media sources.