Monetizing My Blog

I looked into monetizing blogs a while back when we started class. I had seen the use of E-Book downloads on many other blogs with similar intent and content. I knew that eventually I’d love to be able to do something like that so I started breaking my posts into specific parts. I have three different topics that are ongoing series of posts, which I will eventually combine and try to sell for a low price. Something around the .50 cent range. Seeing as the content has already been generated, it will take little time to compose the final product.

I’ve already begun building an online presence for myself as a blogger. Through Facebook and Twitter and various other platforms I’ve started commenting and sharing my information in hopes of being remembered. This will directly correlate into spikes in readership. I have already seen an ever increasing volume of page views since pushing myself out there. After this has grown a little further, and I have a few more posts under my belt, I am planning to approach Scrivener, the company which designs the program I use when I write, to see if we can work out some sort of sponsorship or partnership. I want to work on a series of how to guides for using the program that take a slightly different approach than many others are using. While there are a lot of tutorials out there, I think I might have a fighting chance of a deal. THere are a few other programs which I use slightly less than Scrivener, but which I could do a fantastic series on. They have smaller followings which translates to less income, but ate more likely to strike a deal with me as an upcoming blogger and writer who faithfully uses their programs.

I don’t think that pay-per-click or impression models of advertising would be good for my blog. While I’m sure I could make a few dollars on them, I don’t like the idea of not knowing what is being promoted on my page. I am also not a fan of advertisements at all, so if I can avoid forcing my readers to see them, I will. Don’t want to be scaring anyone away.

The idea of sponsored tweets is interesting, but I think it comes with a certain stigma that can be damaging to the way your audience views you. Given the unpredicatbility of any group of internet consumers, it doesn’t seem wise to push myself out there in that manner.

In the end, I think the hardest part will just be getting to the point where the influx of viewers is substantial on a daily basis to where any of these advertisements might generate an income that is worth the effort.


Monetizing My Blog

Personally I think that if I were going to monetize my blog at this point and time, I would probably try corporate sponsorships and partnerships. I think that would probably the only way that I would see any revenue at all.  Donations, affiliate adds, and selling products and e-books have more focused niches for much more experienced bloggers; I don’t have a product I’m selling, I’m just trying to help out the food allergy community with some new recipes. 

For food, I think that corporate sponsorship and partnerships is probably the best considering I’m creating new recipes with various ingredients. I use allergy-friendly products like Daiya, Seeds of Change, and Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread which are all trying to spread into larger food chains and reach a larger demographic. Even now I embed links to their websites to view their various products right now; I think it would actually be a great partnership! I think later down the line guest blogging and selling e-cook books might be effective, but as of right now I want my readers to be able to use these specialty food products because they allowed me to eat normally again. I’d like for them to be able to do that as well

Blogging and Monetization

If I was to monetize Rated E, I think I would choose primarily advertisement and corporate sponsorship. I would also leave the option to donate via Paypal because it couldn’t hurt anything. (If possible, and if I was really gaining a significant fanbase, I would perhaps sell merchandise but that isn’t likely to happen with opinionated/review blogs.)

Because my blog is based on the opinions and reviews of movies and TV shows, it would be easiest and most beneficial to do advertisement. It’s the perfect type of blog for advertising because it targets a very specific audience that has a significant amount of people; advertisers who would feature on my blog would be upcoming films and perhaps films that don’t get enough advertisement on TV or in theaters. Perhaps straight to DVD films could feature their advertisements. New upcoming shows that aren’t projected to have high ratings for their premiere could advertise and perhaps boost their numbers. The same can be said for corporate sponsorship except it would be more genuine and would not in any way take away from how followers may think of my blog. Services like Netflix could perhaps give me a discounted membership. Film companies could send “indie” movies to me and I would watch them and review with my honest opinion.

Both of these options would be perfect for my blog and it wouldn’t take away credibility or the integrity of my blog because my blog is very easy-going and there is no formula. I watch whatever interests me and I state my honest opinion. Occasionally, I’ll watch something that others recommend or something that catches my attention but there is nothing that I wouldn’t necessarily watch except for things in the horror/gore category. I would even watch thrillers. Readers of my blog wouldn’t suddenly feel cheated or annoyed by the advertisements and sponsorships because they would be relevant. I don’t think anyone would think of it as “selling out” or anything like that.

Monetizing Blogs

If I could choose a way to monetize my personal blog it would be by using display ads and advertisements. I feel that this would be extremely beneficial for my wedding blog because it would give viewers the opportunity to get more out of my blog and have actual vendors or companies that they could contact for help during their wedding planning process. Having these ads would also enhance the overall look of my blog and make it look more reputable. I would probably consider using Google Adsense because there are so many vendors and companies that could be used for weddings and I wouldn’t be able to reach out to all of them on my own. This would probably be the best way to advertise on my blog. Also, with the advertisements directly targeted towards the content of my blog, Google would have a lot of advertisements they could select for my blog because so many things can relate to weddings, for example, wedding planners, photographers, venues, caterers, wedding attire, florists, etc.

Another great way to monetize and enhance my blog would be a partnership with a professional wedding photographer. I feel that one thing my blog is truly lacking is professional photography that is much more specific to my posts. With a wedding blog, it is sometimes difficult to find professional photos to post that are not copyrighted. Locating photos for my blog can be somewhat of a struggle at times. A photographer would not only make my life easier, but also benefit the overall look and potential of the blog. Also having a professional photographer could provide me with more recent photos.

Monetizing Blogs

If you could choose one or more than one way to monetize your personal blog, what would you choose? What would work best for you as a blogger?

If I had to choose a way to monetize my personal blog, I would do a combination of selling a product or a service and an affiliate ad. This way I could make revenue from selling a product or service and make revenue from the affiliate ad. For example, if I were to sell eggs besides my blogging career, I would benefit from selling those eggs through an affiliate site by making some more money off of that site rather than merely making money off of the eggs. It would be especially beneficial to get an affiliate site such as Amazon because if the customer/blogger does not want to purchase the products that I offer but would like to buy something else, odds are that they will find it on Amazon and I will be able to make money despite the fact that they would not like to buy any of the personal products or services that I am selling. This of course means that my personal product or service will have to be available in the affiliate site in order to take full advantage of the combination of these two methods of making revenue.

Monetize Personal Blog

I think for my personal blog one of the best ways I would be able to monetize it would be with affiliate advertising.  I talk about the GoPro cameras in every single post, why they’re cool and what I use them for so I think if I provided a link and couple persuade enough people into buying one themselves then GoPro wouldn’t mind tossing me something in return for all of the advertising that I do for their product anyway.  If they didn’t want to do that then I’m sure I could throw a banner ad on there or even a display ad that has some GoPro footage and then that would attract consumers to the actual site instead of buying through my blog.  Another way I think I could monetize it would be for my services.  For example, if someone really like a picture I took I could offer prints of it for a price.  Another example would be that if someone liked one of my edits or something I could shoot it for them using what I know or if they wanted to try and teach them through personal or video tutorial even the things I know so that they could go and do it themselves. I think as far as products go I don’t use that many outside of the camera so besides that I wouldn’t be able to  try and push products as much just because I don’t have many to offer aside form the actual camera, but the main thing that I like about GoPros is that they try to provide you with a Do It Yourself mentality so I think that ultimately that would help with the selling of cameras.  “He’s able to do this and take these pictures and videos and edit them with no prior experience in photography so why can’t I?” That combination on having my voice behind what I post and the DIY attitude would ultimately help


If I had to choose one way to monetize my blog, I would try to get ads for newly released books so that up-and-coming writers can advertise their work on my blog. I have seen this done on the blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. The whole right side panel of the blog is advertisements for romance novels and special deals for e-book downloads. Obviously this makes the most sense for them since the whole blog is devoted to reviewing romance novels and interviewing novels. The other day, they posted a thank-you note to all of the companies who put up ads for the month of April, so I’m pretty sure small publishers and independent writers contact them to put the ads up because it is a pretty popular blog. Since my blog is not nearly as popular as SBTB, I would use Google Adsense to get started.

I’ve also seen book bloggers do sponsored posts where they get sent books of a specific genre by a publishing house and they are paid to review them. I feel like this would be great for me as long as I didn’t feel obligated to give only glowing reviews for everything they sent me.

Monetizing My Personal Blog

The way I would choose to monetize my personal blog if I had enough readership would be the sponsored social media posts. That is because my blog is based on talking about Rutgers by giving students tips and sharing personal stories from my experience here. Having sponsored social media posts seems like the best route to go.

Another way to best monetize my blog would be to have an affiliates type blog. There are many different local businesses that need people to come to them in order to keep operating. These businesses especially include all the places on George Street and Easton Avenue, and so forth. By having an affiliates type blog I can get these places the people they need to buy things. For example the NJ Books store. I can put an ad on my blog linking back to their store about the thing students can get there. This is important because college book stores are losing money due to the fact that people would rather buy books of the internet than buying them at the store. However, if I can show my readers how much easier it is to just go to the book store rather than waiting long periods of time to actually get have their books shipped, they may actually overlook the higher prices for immediate results. And if I have a high enough readership, the book store will be the one with a lot more business.

If those two options don’t work, I think I wouldn’t mind doing the pay for impression method for any ads that may feature on my blog. As someone who tries to avoid clicking ads but has no problem refreshing the internet page over and over, this seems like the best option compared to the pay per click option. Most people seem to refresh the page whenever the internet is running slow or if the site stops working all of a sudden. For every time that my blog is refreshed, the ad would be generating money for me. How cool is that?

However, this would only work if I have enough readership. I’ll probably have to make my personal blog more visible first by making sure that I utilize key works for search engines. The site that usually comes up first in any type of search engine, especially Google, whenever you type in something is usually the one that is the most visited. No one has time to sift through the thousands upon thousands sites that pop up.

Monetize blog

There are many ways to monetize a blog. These methods include sponsored social media posts, corporate sponsorship, donations, affiliate ads, selling a product, offering a service, display ads, and Google Adsense. As a blogger, my prime motivation to blog does not come from a desire to earn money. I blog for other reasons. My goals are to improve my writing, connect with readers, express my views, learn more, and maintain a new habit. Thus, earning money is very low on the priority list.

Thus, since I am not quite motivated by money in maintaining my blog, I feel the best way to monetize my blog would be through donations. There are many ways to link a blog to a donation service. The most reliable link I have found from experience is PayPal. Not only is this method of donation safe and secure, but it is also relatively easy to navigate. I’m a big proponent of using PayPal for all online transactions and would therefore feel more comfortable if donors used the same method.

As my blog is about science and practical advice, I feel that most of my readers would be those interested in learning more about science and its applications. Thus, I feel I may have a fighting chance in obtaining some donations from readers who really found some of my posts helpful and useful. They may donate as a means to encourage me to continue writing. After all, maintaining a quality blog can be quite intensive and often requires hours of work each week.

Another reason why I would choose to monetize my blog through donations and not any other methods is that donations are the fastest, most direct way to obtain money from readers. Other methods require a partnership of some sort and therefore require a middle man. While it is true that using other methods to monetize my blog may enable me to reach a larger audience, I don’t wish to distract my current readers with additional distractions and nonsense on my blog page.

Monetizing My Personal Blog

If I could choose any way to monetize my personal blog, Collegiate Veggie, I would choose corporate sponsorships and partnerships. Because I have a food blog, this would be the easiest way to make money off of my blog because different companies could sponsor each post. I wouldn’t have to worry about downloads or clicks or selling a product. I could just keep on cooking like I normally do, but get paid to use certain ingredients, or possibly certain utensils. I’ve seen a lot of food bloggers do this already and I like how they still have the creativity and freedom to make whatever food I want, while still getting paid to do it.

Also, we these partnerships, chances are that the companies are much larger, more well-known brands and products. This would be very beneficial to my readers as they wouldn’t have to search far and wide for these products, but could actually find them just about anywhere. One of my favorite bloggers, Minimalist Baker, recently posted a recipe for Creamy Vegan Garlic Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes that was actually sponsored by Blue Diamond Almond Milk. I have already made this recipe multiple times and absolutely love it. And the best part is that I always have almond or coconut milk in my fridge and the rest of the ingredients are so simple that I can throw this recipe together last minute.