Monetizing my blog

There are many ways a person could monetize their blog to create another source of income for themselves. However, if the choice was left up to for me to decide to monetize, my current blog it would definitely be through the use of advertising on my blog. Monetizing is the act of converting or establishing an asset into legal tender such as money. Through the use of advertisements my blog would be able to create a source of revenue by the amount of visitors that are visiting my blog. I would either go out and find businesses to sell space for their advertisements on my blog or I could find Google to help me find businesses. In this sense, by outsourcing to find businesses for my blog, Google is considered to be a broker in this situation. I still would be receiving an income form the advertisements on my blog page but Google would receive a percentage of it when each page is visited. Google makes things easier for bloggers because they are able to connect businesses who want to place advertisements on blogs and bloggers who want to create an extra source of revenue in their lives by adding advertisements to their blogs.

The way I would be able to generate money by adding advertisements is the how many times people will view my blog throughout the day. Based on that amount of views will be based on how much money I receive from the businesses who placed their ads on my blog. For example, uses advertisements as their main source of revenue for the blog. Since the blog is really popular in the sports world, many people tend to view the site at all times during the day around the country. The show the demographics of the viewers who visit the website and how much they charge for the placement of ads on their blog. This is a really cool way to attract businesses to pay to place their ads on the blog. This would be a great way for me to monetize my blog, considering my blog is about sports.

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