Monetizing My Blog

I looked into monetizing blogs a while back when we started class. I had seen the use of E-Book downloads on many other blogs with similar intent and content. I knew that eventually I’d love to be able to do something like that so I started breaking my posts into specific parts. I have three different topics that are ongoing series of posts, which I will eventually combine and try to sell for a low price. Something around the .50 cent range. Seeing as the content has already been generated, it will take little time to compose the final product.

I’ve already begun building an online presence for myself as a blogger. Through Facebook and Twitter and various other platforms I’ve started commenting and sharing my information in hopes of being remembered. This will directly correlate into spikes in readership. I have already seen an ever increasing volume of page views since pushing myself out there. After this has grown a little further, and I have a few more posts under my belt, I am planning to approach Scrivener, the company which designs the program I use when I write, to see if we can work out some sort of sponsorship or partnership. I want to work on a series of how to guides for using the program that take a slightly different approach than many others are using. While there are a lot of tutorials out there, I think I might have a fighting chance of a deal. THere are a few other programs which I use slightly less than Scrivener, but which I could do a fantastic series on. They have smaller followings which translates to less income, but ate more likely to strike a deal with me as an upcoming blogger and writer who faithfully uses their programs.

I don’t think that pay-per-click or impression models of advertising would be good for my blog. While I’m sure I could make a few dollars on them, I don’t like the idea of not knowing what is being promoted on my page. I am also not a fan of advertisements at all, so if I can avoid forcing my readers to see them, I will. Don’t want to be scaring anyone away.

The idea of sponsored tweets is interesting, but I think it comes with a certain stigma that can be damaging to the way your audience views you. Given the unpredicatbility of any group of internet consumers, it doesn’t seem wise to push myself out there in that manner.

In the end, I think the hardest part will just be getting to the point where the influx of viewers is substantial on a daily basis to where any of these advertisements might generate an income that is worth the effort.


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