Monetizing Blogs

If I could choose a way to monetize my personal blog it would be by using display ads and advertisements. I feel that this would be extremely beneficial for my wedding blog because it would give viewers the opportunity to get more out of my blog and have actual vendors or companies that they could contact for help during their wedding planning process. Having these ads would also enhance the overall look of my blog and make it look more reputable. I would probably consider using Google Adsense because there are so many vendors and companies that could be used for weddings and I wouldn’t be able to reach out to all of them on my own. This would probably be the best way to advertise on my blog. Also, with the advertisements directly targeted towards the content of my blog, Google would have a lot of advertisements they could select for my blog because so many things can relate to weddings, for example, wedding planners, photographers, venues, caterers, wedding attire, florists, etc.

Another great way to monetize and enhance my blog would be a partnership with a professional wedding photographer. I feel that one thing my blog is truly lacking is professional photography that is much more specific to my posts. With a wedding blog, it is sometimes difficult to find professional photos to post that are not copyrighted. Locating photos for my blog can be somewhat of a struggle at times. A photographer would not only make my life easier, but also benefit the overall look and potential of the blog. Also having a professional photographer could provide me with more recent photos.

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