Monetize Personal Blog

I think for my personal blog one of the best ways I would be able to monetize it would be with affiliate advertising.  I talk about the GoPro cameras in every single post, why they’re cool and what I use them for so I think if I provided a link and couple persuade enough people into buying one themselves then GoPro wouldn’t mind tossing me something in return for all of the advertising that I do for their product anyway.  If they didn’t want to do that then I’m sure I could throw a banner ad on there or even a display ad that has some GoPro footage and then that would attract consumers to the actual site instead of buying through my blog.  Another way I think I could monetize it would be for my services.  For example, if someone really like a picture I took I could offer prints of it for a price.  Another example would be that if someone liked one of my edits or something I could shoot it for them using what I know or if they wanted to try and teach them through personal or video tutorial even the things I know so that they could go and do it themselves. I think as far as products go I don’t use that many outside of the camera so besides that I wouldn’t be able to  try and push products as much just because I don’t have many to offer aside form the actual camera, but the main thing that I like about GoPros is that they try to provide you with a Do It Yourself mentality so I think that ultimately that would help with the selling of cameras.  “He’s able to do this and take these pictures and videos and edit them with no prior experience in photography so why can’t I?” That combination on having my voice behind what I post and the DIY attitude would ultimately help


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