Advise for a physician

Dear Doctor,

We realize that you wish to promote your novel weight loss program and you had trouble marketing your service. As an independence physician with her own private practice, you definitely have the network to kick start this project. The weight loss program you are trying to promote is The Bean Plan, and its principles are centered on balance, nutrition and exercise. However, you do need to establish a blog for the project and have a stronger social media presence. Here is what we advise:

  • Establish your own blog
  1. Own domain name (preferable .com)
  2. Images, text, and videos.
  3. Regular posts (1/2 per week)
  4. Categorize your subjects
  5. Have a regular and specific posting schedule
  6. Check google analytics
  7. Consider opening an account with SEM rush for keyword optimization
  8. Category for guest post
  9. Page for testimonials (progress page)
  10. With a larger audience, consider monetizing
  11. Partnership with supplement/ diet companies
  • Social Media presence
  1. Use instagram, twitter, and facebook
  2. Pinterest
  3. YouTube
  4. Occasional give away
  5. Hire someone to handle all comments/ feedback



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