Monetizing Blogs

If you could choose one or more than one way to monetize your personal blog, what would you choose? What would work best for you as a blogger?

If I had to choose a way to monetize my personal blog, I would do a combination of selling a product or a service and an affiliate ad. This way I could make revenue from selling a product or service and make revenue from the affiliate ad. For example, if I were to sell eggs besides my blogging career, I would benefit from selling those eggs through an affiliate site by making some more money off of that site rather than merely making money off of the eggs. It would be especially beneficial to get an affiliate site such as Amazon because if the customer/blogger does not want to purchase the products that I offer but would like to buy something else, odds are that they will find it on Amazon and I will be able to make money despite the fact that they would not like to buy any of the personal products or services that I am selling. This of course means that my personal product or service will have to be available in the affiliate site in order to take full advantage of the combination of these two methods of making revenue.

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