Blogging Anonymously

I think that anonymity matters depending on the content. Obviously, if your blog is about complaining and ranting about your job or other people, you would want to stay anonymous for your own protection.  Reading these blogs is fun and hilarious for readers, and I understand why they would want to stay anonymous. For example, during class we talked about a blog called “waiter rant” where a waitress shares stories about crazy customers and customers.  She claims that her boss is okay with the blog but this isn’t the case for everyone.  Putting your opinion for the public to see can affect your current or future employment.  Employers and bosses want consumers to have a certain image of their company and they work very hard to build that image.  If I was a founder of a company and one employee starts ranting online saying negative remarks about my company, I would be upset.

Also, just out of respect for others, if one is staying anonymous and includes other people into their rants, they should not use their real names.  Using real names can hurt the other person, even if that wasn’t your original intentions. If you are going to use someone’s real name, you should ask permission from them.  Furthermore, staying anonymous online I believe is quite difficult.  You can never be too specific about anything.  It might even make your blog lose credibility.

If a blogger was blogging about medicine or a specific educational topic, I prefer seeing their real name.  For example, if the doctor is giving medical advice, I would like to know who they are and see their credentials. If they don’t want to give their real name, I would still like to know about their background. Credentials should be found on the “about me” page.

Personally, I would do not like to use my own name online.  Instead, for any online activity I prefer using a pseudonym that is unique but easy to remember.  Not that I have anything to worry about.  I just don’t want people to look me up online, such as employers, to make judgments about me before actually meeting me in person. Also, if you got something to say that can be detrimental to yourself or others, there no reason to post it online. For any personal thoughts, I rather do it the old fashion way and hand write it in a journal.

Furthermore, I can never control what other people will say about me or put pictures of me online.  I am careful about how I carry myself, especially when I know people are taking pictures.  I don’t want people to hold a certain image of me that doesn’t truly reflect who I am.


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