Reading an Anonymous Blog

From a reader’s perspective, I take every anonymous blog/twitter account/anything on social media platforms with a grain of salt. I think it’s easier for people to post things online under the guise of anonymity and allows the user to speak more freely which can be a good thing or a REALLY bad thing.  I think being able to post on websites and contribute to the online community is wonderful and allows for a flourishing community, but in my experiences most of the anonymous users I’ve come across are either trolls or actively seeking to be an aggressive presence online.  That being said, I when I see that something is anonymous I usually tend to regard it as a joke. The best example for this would be twitter. There are TONS of anonymous twitter accounts but none of them really say anything substantial. It’s mostly accounts like “joke apple” that tweet corny dad jokes. There is the other side of that though. One young anonymous twitter user recently, “as a joke,” tweeted at American Airlines claiming she was a terrorist and that she was going to bomb a specific flight.  As expected, this user got into a lot of trouble, but her account blew up with notifications.  I’m sure if the user wasn’t anonymous she would never have tweeted such a statement, because after her identity came out she had a lot of issues with press.

I know that a lot of people find anonymous users funny and witty but I don’t really pay them any mind. I guess this could be hypocritical on my end because I did change my Facebook name during my job search. (It’s not back to my real name). I just feel that being anonymous facilitates negative commenting.

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