Non-traditional Blogging

Mike and Crysta

We didn’t think that neither the Cancer Survivors nor the Blogging Gone Bad were non-traditional. While they were different forms of blogging, we didn’t think that they were used in a whole new perspective.  We thought about people of Walmart and curatorail-type blogs but there are so many of those out there that they’re no longer non-traditional. Even fetish blogs are non-traditions because they’re centered around a central focus- which is what blogging usually is.

Nontraditional can only be defined by the user, which becomes super difficult when dealing with the whole world wide web.  Anything non-traditional would be a pitfall. Most people would try to avoid that kind of stuff, but we don’t see many non traditional blogs.

We thought about potentially having a “Pay-it-forward” type of blog. We’re not sure of how it would operate totally because it’s hard to monitor that, but if you could go on the blog and donate little gift cards to people it could track you to do a good deed.

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