Blogging Privacy

In my opinion, if a blogger is anonymous it does not matter to me at all. The reason being is because if they are just writing about their life, topics, clothes, etc, then there is no reason to get to know the person on a different level. For me, I just want to read the news that they post on their blog. I do not personally care who this is or where they are from or what is their favorite color. So when I read the blog, I do not look for these types of things in a person’s blog.

Since it would not affect my reading, I would continue to read the content on their blog. If the information they post is useful and interesting, I will continue to read the blog. I’m only viewing the blog to get a source of news and therefore if it is good news on the blog, then they are going to get more views from me. Some people are curious in trying to find who the person is who runs the blog. At the end of the day it does not matter. It could be a young kid who loves sports and wants to post something every day about sports. Or it could even be a 90 year old woman who loves to talk about the newest fashion that is being displayed today.

On twitter, there used to be an account called “Drunk Barney”, which would be a parody account that would make fun of Barney, the big purple dinosaur, and what he is like today after when his show was canceled. It was hilarious and I thought the account was extremely funny. This guy who ran the blog was anonymous, and therefore I continued to view the twitter account for funny jokes that were displayed multiple times in the day. The guy that ran account had mentioned that he was from New Jersey and would announce when he was going to different colleges to have fun such as Monmouth University or even the party at Rutgers. It was cool that he shared these facts with all of his followers, but I was not compelled to find out who this guy was and where he actually lived. I honestly thought his jokes were funny. I guarantee people wanted to know who he is. But that is not my style to do something like that. If a blog is a good read, continue to read it. There is no sense to go out and look for someone who runs the blog. Respect their privacy because if roles were reversed and you wanted privacy, you would make sure that no one could find out whom you were.


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