Blogging and Anonymity

The only anonymous blogger I keep up with is someone named Teacher Girl, who I found a few months ago because I was considering a career in teaching and she definitely has an interesting perspective. Since she usually blogs about events that happen in her life both in and outside the classroom, it is especially important that she keeps her identity a secret because her career could be in jeopardy if her employer ever found it. She doesn’t routinely bash her students or anything, but since she spends a good deal of her time at work with them she does mention things that her students did or said if they’re noteworthy.

There were a series of posts she had a few months ago about “the kid that broke me” that could have been very incriminating if anybody from her real life ever found them. They described a few particularly stressful incidents at work that required a series of conferences between her, her higher-ups, and the parents of an ill-behaved child who insisted that she was in the wrong and wanted to see her disciplined. Obviously, this caused her a great deal of distress so blogging became an outlet for her to vent her feelings since she wasn’t really at liberty to share them with anybody in her “real” life. Still, if the parents or administration got wind that she mentioned the child in question on a blog, even anonymously, I have no doubt that she would have gotten in a lot of trouble and possibly lost her job.

I can’t say that I’ve really had any desire to figure out who Teacher Girl “really is” because it isn’t necessary for the enjoyment of her blog. I think I can guess where she lives (general region, not specific town) based on context clues in her post that are specific to certain areas. I do enjoy how anonymity allows her to write about her life as if it’s a story to tell, and she has pseudonyms for just about everybody that makes an appearance in her posts. She even has a page that outlines her vast “cast of characters” and says a little bit about her relationship with each person mentioned. I think it’s an interesting way to think about blogging about your personal life.

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