Anonymous Blogging

I think that when it comes to anonymous blogging people can be divided with their opinions regarding it. For example, some people might not think that there is credibility behind anything that is being said because the person won’t put their name behind it. Sometimes it can also be an issue of security, or how safe people feel posting opinions that might not be all that popular. I know a large number of people who will say inflammatory things but then hide behind the guise of an anonymous commenter. I also recognize that not everybody lives in a situation where expressing certain opinions are even legally allowed. For example, someone who is blogging or writing about gay marriages or unions in a positive light could stand to be ostracized in their communities and in some countries even sentenced to death. While anonymity can give certain people safety, it can also create a distrust in the reader if whoever the writer is doesn’t instill trust in some other manner. Therefore, I think it can really be a complicated issue. As far as my readings go, I don’t worry too much about who is doing the writing. I like to focus much more on what is being said and whether I agree with that or not. At the end of the day whether the original writer is willing to fess up to what is being said or omitted, I think they can’t withdraw what has already been written and that a bigger focus should be on the work that is being created rather than a creator–unless both are absolutely necessary in order to understand what is being said.

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