Anonymous Blogging

When a blogger remains anonymous it sometimes may affect my reading of the blog. I think it is important for a blogger to not be anonymous because it is easier to connect as a reader with the blogger if I know a little bit about them. When bloggers share more personal posts or an ‘about me’ page, it helps me identify them and see if it is really a blog that I am interested in reading. When the blogger remains anonymous it can be difficult to connect and decide if a specific blog is really something I want to be reading. I’m sure there are some blogs that are anonymous that I have read before and didn’t have an issue with, but I do think I would enjoy it more if I had a better connection with the writer in regards to putting a face to a name or communicating with someone that I recognize from the web. I probably have read many anonymous blogs that I have enjoyed, but if I had the choice I would probably choose one that wasn’t anonymous.  Just as anyone would want to communicate in person, it is just as important to have these factors play a role when communicating on the web.

I also feel that bloggers should have a name and be proud to share their writing and give an ‘about me’ for their readers. Remaining anonymous could make the reader feel as though the writer is hiding something or has things to say that they wouldn’t want to identify with themselves. One thing that I have learned in this class is the importance of making your blog your own and making it unique. If you remain anonymous I don’t see how your blog could reach its full potential of success because it is lacking that personal connection with its readers that one would receive in person. Also, if you remain anonymous it is much harder to separate your blog from all the rest of the blogs on the web with similar topics.

Overall, I think remaining anonymous really isn’t a good way to blog and may only lead to issues. Remaining anonymous, although someone may think is a good way to share a strong opinion about something, can cause a blogger to lose many readers. If you can’t say something and back yourself up that you said it as if you were having the conversation in person, then I think maybe blogging isn’t the best way for you to share your thoughts or ideas.

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