Anonymous Bloggers

When a blogger remains anonymous, how, if at all, might the anonymity affect your reading of the blog? If it wouldn’t affect your reading, why?

Whenever I come across anonymous bloggers, I always read their posts with a grain of salt. In other words, I am cautious and wary of what the anonymous bloggers might say before I even start reading the blog. The reason for this is that anonymous bloggers tend to opt for anonymity usually because they have something unique, unusual, or uncomfortable they want to share. For example, some individuals are totally different people as bloggers. A very masculine man might not want to be seen blogging about kittens or the latest fashion trends. Another example that comes to mind are websites dedicated to bashing certain groups of people. If a blog post is talking about how the blogger despises homosexuals and feels they are good for nothing, another blogger might go anonymous when trying to educate the hateful blogger. Thus, anonymity gives bloggers an extra tool to voice their opinions without facing repercussions directed to them personally.

Of course, bloggers might opt for anonymity when criticizing certain groups as well. On a liberal website dedicated to anti-gun laws, a blogger may go anonymous in protesting the views held by the majority. In other words, anonymous blogging is especially helpful for minority groups who wish to challenge the views held by the majority. In one sense, the whole idea of anonymous blogging aligns itself with the principles of democracy. Everyone and every group is given a voice, and their opinions are safeguarded by the law. In blogging, this safeguard extends to protecting the identities of the anonymous bloggers.

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