Anonymous Blog

I think that the anonymity of a blog or what I’m reading definitely affects the way I look at it.  I know when I’m reading an article on ESPN i’ll always check the author and see who it is.  If it’s someone like Bill Simmons I hold the words he says in higher regard versus some writer than I have never heard of.  Another example is some of the stuff I’ll read on IMDB or a movie website.  Just because they’re posting a review on a movie I have no idea who they are unless they credit themselves with a big name.  I think what it comes down to for me is credibility.  If someone is posting an opinion piece of about something then that is fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but why hide behind a anonymous name?  I tend to take everything that is said with a little bit of a salt.  This works even more if they’re posting a news topic or some type of current event.  Why would they need to stay hidden if they’re posting some non biased information about the event?  I doubt it is the same for everyone but just for me specifically I would last prefer to have a name so I can search about the author myself instead of there being no author name at all.


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