Anonymity and the Blog

I’ve never really payed much attention to the posters of most of the blogs that I read. I’m often just scouring for interesting bits of information, and am rarely loyal to any one specific blog. Because of this fact, I don’t often even notice the names or lack of, attributed to the posts I consume. I guess in that respect, nearly every blogger I’ve ever read a post from, aside from thos bloggers in this class, has been anonymous. Even if they’ve put their name and life story on their blog, the chances are I have not read it, and don’t have a desire to. I rarely read blogs of the personal sort. Now that my mind has been pushed to make distinctions like this, I’m pretty sure that I would prefer the anonymity of a blogger. While I don’t mind knowing a little about someone (their qualifications on the subject I’m reading about), their name, location, or any other personal information, holds little value to me as the reader.

One thing I’ve always appreciated about anonimity, is the sense of trust that I gain from it. While many people might say that the anonymous nature of some posters is scary, and reveals them to be someone who must lurk in the shadows to say what they want to say, I look at it as the opposite. I loathe people whom I feel are only doing what they’re doing for their own personal benefit. If I feel that someone is writing me an article because they just want me to know how smart they are, I immediately reject it and move on. If a blogger is anonymous, I’m far more willing to sit down and read what they have to say. ANonimity allows someone to speak what they really think. There’s very little filtering and that is the beauty of it. Our social filter often eliminates the meat and potatoes of our thoughts and makes for content that is both boring and many times just straight falsified. If you have to filter yourself, you are rarely¬† presenting the whole truth.

Personally, I like to post under my name. Admittedly, I like some of the attention it brings, and I like when people know I, Michael Manfredo, am not an idiot. I’m also a different kind of person though. I don’t usually filter my thoughts on a level past tailoring them for my audience. I might leave the curse words out for a classroom related blog entry, but they aren’t changing the meaning of what I say. If I were to write a personal blog of some sort, I would not hesitate to say what I felt in the way that I felt it, with no limit to the wording I use. I would do this under my actual name, because I am not ashamed of who I am or what I have to say. Many bloggers don’t have the ability to be that open under their real name, and thus we have anonymous bloggers. Either way, it’s the truth and passion behind anonymity that presents us with the most influential and exciting content.


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