Pitfalls of Live Blogging

When I was in high school, I used to make an effort to watch film award shows. Since I’ve started college, I haven’t had the time since I work every Sunday night and that’s when they usually air. Live blogs are a good way for me to catch up on what’s happening minute by minute without having to sit and watch for 3 hours. If I’m too busy to watch, I can simply check my phone every now and then and get all the highlights.

I have noticed that since I started following live blogs I don’t even have a desire to watch the show anymore because it’s way simpler to just check my phone to see who won what or what everybody’s wearing before the show starts. I think this lacks the enjoyment of watching the show since the suspense over wondering who won is part of what makes you interested in watching in the first place. Not to mention that these shows also have performances, speeches, and interviews with actors that just don’t have the same weight when delivered via live blog. Then again, I’m sure there are plenty of people like me who just simply don’t have the time to sit on the couch and watch. Live blogging means you don’t have to miss out entirely.

Getting information through someone else’s perspective is also completely different from watching the show yourself. Since bloggers don’t have any obligation to be unbiased, there’s no way to filter what’s going on from how they feel about the situation. I remember that after last year’s Oscars, there was a lot of animosity towards the actress Anne Hathaway in celebrity gossip blogs. I didn’t watch the show, so I didn’t really understand where all the hate was coming from (I know now that some felt she was stuck up) but it felt like the general consensus was that she was annoying and bloggers would fuel it by bashing her. It seemed a unfair that she got hate for simply attending awards shows and acting in a way that is vaguely disagreeable to some. I’ve noticed this happening lately with Jennifer Lawrence–last year, her whole girl-next-door and falling down at the Oscar’s schtick was considered cute and relatable, but this year I’ve heard bloggers accuse her of faking clumsiness and candidness it for publicity. I feel like this sort of animosity wouldn’t exist without live blogging.




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