Piscataway Gazette

People of Piscataway:

-mostly commuters, using the trains (Edison Train Station or New Brunswick);

-mostly people who work in the city and/or affiliated with Rutgers (mostly Livingston);

-mix of middle/working class;

-since people have other places to be, kind of lacks the community unity, place to stay but go some where else.


Population of Piscataway:

-As of 2010, 56,044 people.


Who lives there:

-A good mix of people

-Diverse ethnicities and nationalities

-Mostly families

-Varied ages; senior day-care center, senior communities, Board Ed. building with recreational activities

-Spread out


Blog Design:

-Current events (town hall meetings, etc)



-Commuter news

-Family orientated news

-Construction page

-Weekly highlights

-Open Forum section

  • where people can suggest topics associated with Piscataway and interact with each other
  • people can ask questions and get other people of the community to answer it
  • spark a community feeling by helping each other and getting each others’ opinions about Piscatway

-Popular places

  • Places that should be visited by popular opinion
  • Reviews of places in Piscataway



**image heavy, so you know what the town looks like.

**Header, no endless scrolling, like the barista blog with the pages on the top.

**User friendly for every age

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