Live Blogs

I’m interested in learning more about science. In fact, my whole career is based on gaining knowledge of science and I’ve even created a personal blog that relates to the subject. The existence of live blogging for science would definitely have an overall positive impact. Live blogging is the development of traditional media to convey important news and information in a concise format appealing to a reader who wishes to quickly cover topics. There are both positives and negatives to live blogging.

I think one of the most positive features of live blogging includes the fact that live blogs break away from traditional news coverage and include commentary and analysis along the news. While the news itself is covered very concisely and conveys the main message or theme of the topic, the commentary and feedback is what really makes this form of media appealing. As a reader, I would find it far more engaging if a journalist were to giver her own feedback or thoughts on a subject rather than simply deliverĀ impersonal, and detached news. In addition, live blogs tend to be more objective and conversational, rather than rehearsed. I would much rather hear genuine, impromptu analysis or news rather than news read from a script. I believe the delivery of “conversational” news makes the information more appealing because it feels more genuine. Live blogs are also very convenient. They tend to cover news topics on a single page and the story and accompanying analysis is often all in one place. In addition, live updates are relatively quick, and breaking news is often updated ever twenty minutes for sometimes six hours straight. Lastly, live blogs are likely to contain reader’s tweets rather than comments. This is important because the combination of social media with news makes the news quite popular. The popularity, in turn, invites more readers to give their feedback on the subject.

However, there are also some negatives to live blogging. People are often tuned in on live blogs at work. They believe that because the news coverage is brief and does not take too much time, they can quickly peruse news before getting back to work. This can get frustrating for employers because employees are taking time off from a period of time during which they should be working. In addition, the rapid updates are often cursory and not detailed enough to do justice to the news.

In short there are far more positives to live blogging than negatives. Thus, I would find live blogging to be very effective and appealing in delivering news about science. In my eyes, the benefits of live blogging outweigh the negatives.


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