Live Blogging

The short article “Research Reveals Popularity of Live Blogging” written by the Guardian highlights the growing popularity of live blogging in today’s information-hungry world.  The conventional online article is no longer the main news source; new surveys being conducted by the City University London on the subject have shown that live blogs are achieving an impressive 300% more views and 233% more visitors than the static conventional article.  Live blogs have even outshone picture galleries by over 200% more views.

Live blogging has become one of the fastest growing ways for gaining news information in today’s technological world. Instead of writing full articles on major news stories, live blogging publishes small tidbits of information as they come in. The researchers came to the conclusion that people are becoming more receptive to these small factoids because of their conversational nature. Live blogging allows for the reader to gain access to breaking news stories as soon as they happen. Major news sources like CNBC and BBC have even taken to twitter which has become one the major platforms to conduct these live blogging factoids that embed links to the organizations website.

I know that I’m the unpopular opinion, but I find live blogging very cumbersome. When I hear about something going on in the world I want to get as much factual information as possible without having to navigate a whole website for it. I’m still a big fan of the conventional news article because all the facts are checked, unlike live blogging. The nature of sending out speedy news bits is that not all of the information can be fact checked before it’s blasted to the public. I personally think that the constant stream of information, while nice to attain news in theory, has the underlying agenda of having people click continuously through an organizations website which would generate more views.

Though I’ve expressed mostly my negative opinion of live blogging, I do think that it is a great way for the reader to get their information initially. I would be lying if I said I didn’t follow major news sites on twitter and have CNN’s application downloaded to my phone. I like the initial contact of the breaking news because otherwise I’m sure I wouldn’t catch it. After that, however the constant ping of my phone gets a bit overwhelming. As I previously mentioned, I really like the idea of live blogging in theory, but it’s just not my cup of tea when trying to gain news information all at once.


  1. I had no idea there was such a huge culture around live blogging. One example of live blogging that immediately comes to mind is twitter’s use of hashtags to convey major news. For example, a recent hashtag used is #coachella2014 that seems to be very popular in twitter.

  2. I definitely agree that live blogging, such as twitter can sometimes give wrong facts. This is frustrating because people like to know exactly what is going on. Conventional news is more trustworthy for sure, I agree with that completely. Good post!

  3. I agree with you. Live blogging is a great way to get breaking news initially. However, it’s up to reader to look elsewhere and check the credibility of the information they are getting. Also, I too have the CNN app on my phone!

  4. I definitely agree with your thinking. In theory, live blogging has the potential to be great but unfortunately, it will probably never be used to its fullest potential. Live blogging is definitely good for breaking news but it runs the risk of having many inaccuracies. I’m with you; live blogging is a great idea in theory. I don’t really look for it unless it’s something that isn’t necessarily important like entertainment. I just think that live blogging, like most things on the internet, needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

  5. I like that you discussed your unpopular opinion about live-blogging, rather than just jumping on the bandwagon. You brought up a lot of good points about fact checking and other reasons why you aren’t a fan of live blogging. But as you mentioned it is often the fastest way to get news. I’m not a fan of live-blogging articles that much, but I do use Twitter and other social media sites to primarily get my news.

  6. I think that you bring up some very interesting points in your opinion. Not only that, but maybe we can have an unpopular opinion together since I agree with basically everything you said. I find that live blogging, while more conversational and small tidbits of information is given, can get a bit annoying. If something major happened, I would like to know all the information rather than get bits and pieces that I have to then connect together. Also, as an initial way of getting information, that’s fine. Just as long as it is used with a supplement or something.

  7. Live blogging is the best way to get breaking news. I completely agree with the statement. I also believe that readers should have more than one source of breaking news.

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